VOSS.pet Duo-Lightning Diverter, Lightning Protection

  • The 2 in 1 Duo Lightning Protection - Protects Your Energizer against Overvoltages
  • The Flash is Lead into the Ground via a Spark Gap
  • Suitable for All Pos/Neg Fence Applications
  • Top VOSS.pet Quality
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VOSS.pet Duo Lightning Protection

This duo lightning protection is perfect for positive / negative fence systems. It provides reliable protection from lightning damage.

The VOSS.pet Duo lightning protection is an absolute must-have for any positive / negative fence system. For example, if you have installed a "+/-" fence system on roof, in the gutters, on car ports or garden fences, then lightning strikes can be very costly. The VOSS.pet duo lightning protection provides reliable protection from lightning damage for energisers and buildings.

Insurance protection / VDE regulations:

VDE regulations specify that energisers with a 230 V connection must not be installed in areas where there is a risk of fire, e.g. barns, stables, etc. To prevent lightning damage, lightning protection must be installed between the fence output on the mains energiser and the electric fence connection. The lightning protection must be placed outside of the building. Particular care should be taken to ensure it is properly grounded. Recent findings shows that installing the grounding posts in a star-shape at a distance of 4 metres is the safest way to protection from lightning strikes. The mains energiser and the lightning protection are connected to the same grounding. The lightning protection should be connected to the central grounding post, and the mains energisers to one of the outer posts. If possible, these star-shaped grounding setups should be placed at least 10 m away from the ground connection of the building.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • Protects the energiser and fence system from lightning damage
  • fulfils the lightning protection requirements of insurers in the event of damage

Special features:

  • Protects the energiser from lightning strikes
  • for securing "+/-" fence systems
  • conforms to VDE regulations
  • safety for your house or garden
  • easy to install


  • easy to connect using the fixing screws
  • includes screws for mounting


  • 1 x VOSS.pet Duo lightning protection

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