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VOSS.PET "AB 3" Dog Anti-Bark Spray Collar, deLuxe

Item No: 24550
£ 45.99
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VOSS.PET – bark control spray trainer for dogs

An affective and dog-friendly way to stop your dog from barking disruptively – with a permanent learning effect!

It is unfortunately in the nature of dogs to answer even the smallest noise with a bark. Some even bark for hours on end when their own is not home. This constant barking disturbs not only your neighbours, but also yourself. It also creates a lot of stress for the dog. The dog doesn't calm down, get any relaxing sleep and becomes unbalanced and nervous. Some dogs may even develop aggressive behaviour.

The bark control spray trainer from VOSS.PET allows you to positively affect your dog's barking behaviour, even when you're not at home. Simply put the collar on your dog before you leave the house. If your dog starts barking, then the collar releases a light spray towards the dog's nose. The dog will very quickly link this spray to his barking and stop the unwanted behaviour. It is completely safe for the dog and even helps him – after a bit of time without any barking the dog will feel calmer and use the time to relax.

The spray is only triggered if the dog actually barks. An acoustic signal combined with a vibrating larynx triggers the sensor. This prevent false triggers by external noises. The spray mode can be individually adjusted for the dog.

The collar is ergonomically shaped, very robust und easy to clean. The delay on this spray trainer is much shorter than other devices which ensures a better learning effect. New technology ensures that the spray opening cannot get clogged up. Despite the small size of the spray trainer, it has a significantly greater capacity at about 1.5 times that of other brands. A green or red light on the collar indicates the remaining battery level so that you can easily see if the battery needs recharging. The included USB charging cable makes charging easy.

With this bark control spray trainer, VOSS.PET is setting new standards in terms of quality and features. You will be impressed with all components of this training aid. It impresses not only due to its outstanding workmanship and use of the latest technology, but also for the great value for money it offers.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • collar for preventing constant barking from dogs
  • suitable for dogs at least 6 months old

Special features:

  • individually adjustable spray mode
  • bark detection using a vibration sensor, reduces false triggers
  • barking sounds are automatically distinguished from other noises and frequencies in the environment
  • reliably stops barking
  • spray delay time is much shorter than with other devices to ensure a better learning effect
  • large capacity – 1.5x the capacity of other brands
  • operates using a lithium battery, rechargeable via USB charging cable
  • green and red lamps indicate the battery charge status
  • visible success within a short period of time
  • easy to reach on/off switch
  • spray opening doesn't clog up
  • very strong collar


  • low weight: approx. 110 g including collar
  • dimensions (L x H x W): 78 mm x 34 mm x 28 mm
  • adjustable collar, neck circumference up to 50 cm
  • safe for people and animals
  • strong spray collar
  • ergonomically shaped spray device
  • collar is easy to clean
  • ready for immediate use
  • easy to fill


  • 1 x VOSS.PET – bark control spray trainer for dogs
  • 1 x citronella spray
  • 1 x USB charger cable
  • 1 x user manual

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