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VOSS.farming Set: 10W Solarsystem + Box + 12V Green Energy

Item-No.: 43662
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VOSS.farming "GreenEnergy 2000" 12 V battery device + 10 W solar panel + metal housing box

The bestseller – fence energiser and solar power system in a set – so that you are fully equipped!

Why choose an electric fence energiser from VOSS.farming?

We have 30 years' experience in the electric fence business and know how important it is to use a reliable energiser. That's why we sell exclusively high-quality branded devices made in Germany – by VOSS.farming. Naturally all our energisers fulfil the stringent European safety standard EN60335. Because we're convinced of the quality, reliability and safety or our devices, we're happy to offer you a 3-year warranty on all our energisers. And if you should still have any problems or questions, our professional workshop and our advice team will be happy to help you.

The 12 V fence energiser "GreenEnergy 2000" and the 10 W solar power system from VOSS.farming are fascinating.

There is no other way to operate your fence energiser that is so environmentally friendly, so low-maintenance, and so low-cost, than this set from VOSS.farming.No matter if you have a little cat, a wild horse or a big elephant – with this complete system you can keep almost anything.Great versatility, proven quality for many years, and simple handling – these advantages make our solar power system absolutely recommended as your partner for reliable safety for your animals.

The VOSS.farming "GreenEnergy 2000" has a shock strength of 11,000 volts, together with 2.0 joules of shock power. It supplies fence systems up to a length of 15 km with light vegetation. This makes the 12 V energiser a reliable partner when it comes to herd protection. The well-designed device is equipped with deep discharge protection, which increases the life of the rechargeable battery. This means that you are guaranteed many years of servicing the fence. Maximum animal safety is guaranteed by LEDs for fence monitoring. Theses flash red as soon as the fence voltage drops to below 3,500 V or if the remaining charge in the battery drops below 40 %.

Practical tips:

  • Information about the housing box:
    the battery box has room for batteries with a maximum length of 36.5 cm. You can use the sliding metal door to close the open side of the box. This will increase its protection against weather and theft.
  • Theft protection:
    to increase theft protection, the solar power system can be additionally secured with the anti-theft post (item no. 44872).
  • Setup post available:
    The practical setup post (item no. 43635) ensures that the solar box stands securely.
  • Battery not included, suitable battery (item no.: 34460).
3-year device warrantyGerman manufacturing qualitytop-quality service at our own professional workshopfence monitor fitted to deviceenergy-saving – low power consumption12 V – 230 V solar power supplysuitable for solar power

At a glance

Recommended for:

chickens, ducks, geese, poultrygoatssheeppigscattle, cowshorses
  • suitable for medium-length fences up to 15 km with light vegetation
  • suitable for various types of animals

Special features:

  • set with energiser, solar power system and protective box for an absolutely unbeatable price
  • Solar panel: highly effective even in low light
  • protection from rain, snow, ice and hail
  • energiser with electronic battery-saving technology, low power consumption
    The power consumption is automatically adjusted to the current state of the fence.


  • 12-volt fence energiser + 10 W solar panel + metal housing
  • quality: "Made in Germany"
    • long-lasting and safe
    • complies with European safety standard EN60335
    • high-quality
    • UV-protected
    • fully insulated
    • weather-resistant casing
    • splashproof to IP standard: X4
    • low running costs
    • robust, impact-resistant casing
  • Information on fence energiser VOSS.farming "GreenEnergy 2000":
    • full flexibility due to three options for power supply:
      12 V battery (not included), 220 V mains power (adapter not included), or a solar panel
    • LED flashes red as soon as the fence voltage drops below 3,500 V
    • LED for monitoring the 12 V battery voltage
    • equipped with deep discharge protection (protects the 12 V rechargeable battery and increases lifespan)
    • low power consumption
    • weatherproof, robust housing
    • top quality, manufactured in Germany
  • Information on the VOSS.farming 10 W solar panel:
    • single-crystal solar panel
    • includes decoupling diode
    • The solar panel is self-regulating.
    • The front side is made of hardened glass (protection from rain, snow, ice and hail).
    • high light transmission
    • robust aluminium panel frame
    • complete with bracket and connection cable
  • box dimensions, without solar panel: approx. width 370 x height 370 x depth 345 mm


  • 1 x 12 V battery unit for VOSS.farming "GreenEnergy 2000":
  • 1 x Solar panel VOSS.farming "10 W" + connection cable and clamps
  • 1 x bracket and set of fixing screws for the solar panel
  • 1 x metal housing box with sliding door
  • 1 x fence connection cable
  • 1 x ground connection cable
  • 1 x "WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE" warning sign
  • 1 x assembly and instruction manual
Customer Reviews


We use for our horses.
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nice set

I like the price of the set and the energiser works fine. I'm considering buying a second one.
0 from 0 people found this review helpful.
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