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VOSS.farming "impuls duo DV80" - 12V/Mains Electric Fence Energiser, Powerful All-Rounder

Item No: 41320.UK
£ 119.99
Out of stock
will soon be available

VOSS.farming "impuls duo DV80" - powerful 12V/mains energiser with innovative energy-saving technology

The impuls duo DV80 offers more power on the fence with lower energy consumption thanks to the innovative pulse and energy saving technologies.

impuls duo DV80 is the energiser of the latest generation with the innovative PowerSHOCK pulse technology. With shock strength of 11,200 volts and 5.0 joules of shock power, it is an ideal energiser for fences up to 23 km long. Thanks to the PowerSHOCK technology it offers a higher shock strength and the modern power-saving technology increases battery life. The VOSS.farming "impuls duo DV80" is extremely versatile and ideal for longer fences and hard-to-keep animals.

The "impuls duo DV80" offers the following advantages:

Power shock
Very effective thanks to PowerShock technology
Extremely economical, low power consumption
Fantastic price and modern technology!


Thanks to the combination of the innovative PowerShock and energy-saving technologies, our impuls duo electric fencers offer many advantages! That's why our impuls duo energisers join the list of the Product Innovations of 2019.

Battery life significantly extended*

The unique energy-saving circuit of the VOSS.farming® impuls DUO energisers can significantly prolong your battery life. Increased battery life = longer time between charges = longer service life of the battery = less maintenance = lower costs.

Higher shock power (3.7J vs 2.0J)*

Our innovative VOSS.farming ® impuls DUO energisers emit extra energy in real conditions (500 Ohm). As a result, the fence security is significantly improved. Other energisers are theoretically strong under laboratory conditions and not under real conditions.

* Tested using the "impuls duo DV120" as an example against one of our conventional energisers without PowerShock technology.


Here is how you benefit from our innovations:

2 power levels
2 power levels
Deep discharge protection
Integrated deep discharge protection
Modern power-saving circuit
Smart Control
Intelligent fence monitoring
fault on the fence is quickly recognised
Smart Control
High performance capacitors:
higher efiiciency and durability
ST Trafo
Safety Transformer ST
safety for you
Lightning protection
Integrated surge protection:
safety for men, animals and the device
Bright Light LEDs
very bright BrightLight LEDs
excellent visibility
Ein-/ Ausschalter
ON/OFF switch
every mains energiser should have one
Drei Jahre Garantie
High quality & reliability.
3 year warranty


At a glance

Recommended for:

Horse Pony Galloway Cattle Sheep Goat Pig Buck Deer Wild boar Fox
  • fence systems with no or little vegetation up to 23 km
  • horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs
  • stags, deer, wild boars, foxes

Special features:

  • 2 shock strength settings allow you to guard different species of animals
  • PowerShock Technology - more power on the fence with less energy required
  • SmartControl - microcontroller continuously monitors fence voltage
  • Special Transformer (ST) - high voltage resistant
  • premium finish, splash proof with user friendly ON/OFF switch
  • extra bright BrightLight LED lights
  • modern energiser technology - microprocessor controlled
  • fully insulated terminal caps, no voltage flashover
  • high-end components, especially durable
  • modern and timeless design
  • built-in surge protection


  • 12 V or mains operation
  • stored energy: 5 joules - very effective thanks to the PowerShock technology
  • output voltage: 11,200 volts
  • dimensions: diameter: 210 mm, depth: 67 mm
  • very effective, very low energy consumption
  • robust housing, scratch-resistant
  • includes special ventilation against condensation
  • IP44 protection (splash-proof)
  • board moisture-proof, fully protected
  • can be wall-mounted
  • durable and safe
  • 3 year warranty


  • 1 x VOSS.farming® "impuls duo DV80" - 12V and mains electric fence energiser
  • 1 x mains adapter (230V)
  • 1 x battery connection cable
  • 1 x fence connection cable
  • 1 x grounding cable
  • 1 x mounting screw
  • 1 x manual
Technical Specification of the Energiser
Power source 12 volts, 230 volts
Animal type Buck, Cattle, Cattle (highland), Chicken, Deer, Duck, Goat, Goose, Horse, Pig, Pony, Poultry, Sheep, Turkey, Wild boar, Wolf
Power consumption 80-240 mA
Dimensions W x H x D in mm Ø 210 x 67
Recommended number of ground rods 2x Art: 44219 or Art: 42140
Number of connectable nets 16 pcs.
Product type Energiser, 12 V battery energisers
Stored energy 5.0 joules
Output energy 3.5 joules
Voltage in open circuit 11200 volts
Voltage with 500 Ohm 6400 volts
Fence length
Theor. fence length under laboratory conditions (1500 V) 100 km
Fence length, without vegetation 23 km
Fence length, little vegetation 5 km
Fence length, heavy vegetation 2.25 km
Warranty conditions

36 months warranty on the energizer. Here you find the comprehensive guarantee conditions for our products.

Customer Reviews 4

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22/07/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Used on horses field For strip grazing, single tape for about 1km. Impressed with ease of use.“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.

12/06/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Very good energiser. Economically powers my 600m track system. It is a bit like disco lights at night though, and it might be good to be able to dim the lights a little, so as to not attract the attention of would be thieves. 😉“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.

02/09/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Fitted inside a box with battery and connected to a solar panel. Been running since spring without having to charge the battery once. High power used for the first week and then low power. Horses really respect the fence. Just bought a second one for the winter paddock, to run on mains.“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.
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