VOSS.farming Fence Tester "8 KV", 8 Levels (1000 - 8000V)

  • VOSS.Farming Fence Tester with 8-Step Display
  • Large Housing, Metal rod and Probe Tip Made of Stainless Steel
  • Check the Electric Fence or Energizer Quickly and Easily
  • Effective and Affordable
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VOSS.farming "8 KV" Fence Tester, 8-Level

This 8-level indicator displays the fence voltage between 1.000 and 8,000 volts.

Check the voltage on your fence quickly and easily with the VOSS.farming “8 KV” fence tester. To measure the voltage, insert the metal rod of the tester into the ground and rest the tip of the tester against the fence. There should always be a reading of at least 2000 volts on the fence. The fence tester does not require batteries. The device has eight indicator lamps to display the fence voltage between 1000 and 8000 volts.

At a glance

Areas of application:

  • for measuring fence voltages in the 1000 to 8000 volt range

Special features:

  • displays 8 voltage levels: 1000 V – 2000 V – 3000 V – 4000 V – 5000 V – 6000 V – 7000 V – 8000 V
  • the tester is also great for testing the energiser
  • includes long ground connection cable, 100 cm


  • Electric fence tester with 8 indicator lights
  • Sensor hook and ground stake made from stainless steel
  • no battery required


  • 1 x VOSS.farming "8 KV" fence tester, 8-level (1000 to 8000 V)

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14/09/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Very useful gadget. Simple to operate and works well.\nA buzzer would be a good enhancement as LEDs difficult to see in bright sunlight.
James P.
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01/11/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


I use this to check on the voltage the electric tape is at, to see if the battery needs recharging.
Alex S.
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29/08/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Necessary for peace of mind.
Elizabeth V.
0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.