VOSS.farming Fence Control Unit "Signal Light"

  • VOSS.farming Fence Control Unit "Signal Light", Gets Hooked onto the Fene Conductor
  • 3 Bright LEDs Light up with the Current Pulse
  • Additional Fence Control: the LEDs Stop Flashing if Voltage Drops Below 3000V
  • Check Your Fence from a Distance
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VOSS.farming "Signal Light" – LED for testing fences

This indicator light makes it easy to visually monitor the fence.

This "signal light" from VOSS.farming has 3 very bright flashing LEDs (light emitting diodes). The lights flash as long as the fence voltage is at least 3,000 volts. If the voltage drops below this, the LEDs stop blinking. This gives you an indication of when an animal touches the fence or something disrupts the electrical flow. The "signal light" does not require any batteries and can be used with any electric fence system.

Installation is simple:

The "signal light" is suspended from the conducting material (tape, rope, polywire, wire, etc.). Connect the heart clips to the conducting material; place the grounding stake in the ground – done.

Practical tips

There can be several reasons why the fence voltage may drop below 3,000 volts:

  • The energiser is not powerful enough.
  • disruption from overgrowth on the fence
  • faulty insulators
  • poor conducting material
  • poor ground connections


At a glance

Areas of application:

  • visual monitoring of fence voltage

Special features:

  • blinks with each fence impulse
  • easy visual checking of the fence's condition
  • may be used at several locations on the fence


  • can be used on all electric fence systems
  • does not require batteries


  • 1 x VOSS.farming "signal light" fence monitor

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