VOSS.farming Anti-Theft Post for Metal Carry Box

  • made from galvanised steel
  • can be inserted 34 cm into the ground
  • anti-theft post and grounding rod
  • increases proctection against theft
  • suitable for VOSS.farming metal carry box
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VOSS.farming anti-theft post

This post provides more security for VOSS.farming boxes. It is also ideal for grounding.

This anti-theft post from VOSS.farming supplements the VOSS.farming metal holding box (item no. 44870). The screw connections with the post increase the level of protection against theft and provide additional grounding for the energiser. The post should therefore be inserted into the ground as far as the cross brace and place the metal casing for all common 12 V energisers onto this brace. There is a hole in the centre of the base plate through which the M8 thread of the VOSS.farming anti-theft post is placed. The included washers and nuts are then used to secure the casing to the anti-theft post.


Do not use copper or brass with galvanised materials as rapid corrosion of zinc will occur.

Practical tip:

You have the additional option of connecting the grounding to the anti-theft post.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • energiser boxes
  • grounding rod

Special features:

  • protection from theft
  • works as grounding post
  • quick and easy to install


  • made from galvanised steel
  • total length: 34 cm


  • 1 x VOSS.farming anti-theft post
  • 1 x screw set

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22/11/2016 Verified purchase via Ekomi


The box itself prevents theft well. The bar makes it even safer, as you can not just carry the box away. However, the staff is smooth, so you can pull it out of the ground easily. The rod also serves as a ground for the Energizer, which is handy. However, the devices are often recommended to be used with 3 earth rods, which does not work with the anti theft stake.
Stefanie B.
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