VOSS.farming 50m Starter Poultry Fence Kit, 12V / Mains, farmNET Orange Netting, Tester - Anti-Fox

  • 3.0 J, 12,000 V dual-power energiser to deter any fox
  • premium, fox-busting netting, 50 m, 112 cm, 2 spikes
  • 16 extra robust NETmaster posts
  • 21 cm shorter distance between posts, ca. 10 % improved stability
  • set can be extended to 9 nets (450 m fence)
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Complete poultry fence kit - 50 m electric fence netting, dual-power energiser and much more

This easy to assemble kit contains everything you need for a safe electric fence for your poultry and chicks.

The sturdy 112 cm high electric fence netting is very easy to install, reposition or remove. Thanks to the reinforced mesh it is an excellent choice for fencing poultry, as well as sheep, lambs, goats, dogs or cats. The orange colour acts as a deterrent which also increases the safety of your animals. The 16 robust and stable fibreglass posts prevent sagging and ensure that the net will be secure.

impuls DUO DV40 is the energiser of the latest generation with the innovative PowerSHOCK pulse technology. With shock strength of 12,000 volts and 3.0 joules of shock power, it is an ideal energiser for fences up to 15 km long. Thanks to the PowerSHOCK technology it offers a higher shock strength and the modern power-saving technology increases battery life. The VOSS.farming "impuls duo DV40" is extremely versatile and suitable for many applications.

Battery life significantly extended

The unique energy-saving circuit of the VOSS.farming® impuls DUO RF energisers can significantly prolong your battery life. Increased battery life = longer time between charges = longer service life of the battery = less maintenance = lower costs.

Please note:

always make sure there is no elevation (stones or stumps) around the perimeter of your chicken fence, since foxes are very good jumpers and will use this elevation to get inside.

Need solar?

Simply add our 30W solar system with a metal box (Art: 43665) and the AGM battery (Art: 34481) and you are good to go.

Need longer fence?

Just add the netting from this set (Art: 29474) and that is it.


At a glance

Recommended for:

Sheep Lamb Goat Pig Poultry Chick Dog over 20 kg Dog under 20 kg Cat Rabbit Fox Badger Raccoon Marten
  • keeping poultry & chicks in
  • keeping foxes out
  • also suitable for the following animals:
    • sheep, lambs, goats, pigs
    • dogs, cats, rabbits
    • badgers, raccoons, martens

Special features:

  • complete starter kit
  • 3 joules, 12,000 volts dual-power energiser
    • capable of powering 9 nets (450 m fence)
    • 3 options for power supply
      • mains - adapter (included)
      • 12 V battery (not included)
      • solar (not included)
      • PowerShock Technology - more power on the fence with less energy required
      • SmartControl – microcontroller permanently monitors fence voltage
      • Special Transformer (ST) - high voltage resistant
      • premium finish, splash proof with user friendly ON/OFF switch
      • extra bright BrightLight LED controls
      • modern energiser technology – microprocessor controlled
      • fully insulated terminal caps, no voltage flashover
      • high-end components, especially durable
      • built-in surge protection
  • premium 50 m, 112 cm high electric fence netting, 16 posts, 2 prongs
  • 1 extra post , compared to conventional nets, results in
    • 21 cm shorter distance between posts
    • ca. 10 % improved stability
    • reduced sagging
  • 8-level fence tester (2 000 - 12 000 V)
  • quick and easy to assemble


  • dual-powered energiser with a powerful kick, flexible in use
    • deep discharge protection
    • ON/OFF switch
    • battery control
    • fence control
    • LED control
    • stainless-steel battery clips
    • 3 year warranty³
    • Made in EU
  • mains adapter included
  • netting with close mesh
    • rows 1-6 - 5.9 x 5.9 cm
    • rows 6-11- 5.9 x 11.8 cm
    • rows 11-12 - 5.9 x 23.5 cm
  • all connection and grounding cables included


  • 1 x VOSS.farming "impuls DUO DV40" dual-power energiser
  • 1 x VOSS.farming premium, fox-busting, orange poultry netting, 50 m ,112 cm, 2 spikes
  • 1 x VOSS.farming adapter for mains operation
  • 1 x VOSS.farming ground rod for mobile use, 75 cm
  • 2 x VOSS.farming fence supply/earth connection cable, 3 m
  • 1 x VOSS.farming fence tester
  • 1 x "WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE" warning sign
Warranty conditions for energisers

36 months warranty on the energiser. Here you find the comprehensive guarantee conditions for our products.

Warranty conditions for VOSS.farming farmNET

3 years warranty on the UV-resistance/mechanical properties. For further information on the warranty conditions click here.

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