TopLine Electric Fence Polywire 300m on a Reel, 6x0.25mm TriCOND

  • 300 m of polywire on the reel
  • ready for immediate use
  • strong monofilaments
  • for sub-dividing fences
  • diameter: 2 mm
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TopLine electric fence polywire on a reel

This reel comes with 300 m of polywire and is ready for immediate use – no having to wind up the wire before use

This practical reel with high-quality TopLine polywire allows you to work quickly when building fences. There's no need to spend time and effort winding the polywire onto a reel before attaching it to the fence – you can just get straight to work. It's always good to also have a practical reel to hand when you later wish to remove the wire.

This hand reel is made from special break-proof plastic. Its proven technology guarantees smooth operation when rolling and unrolling the polywire, which is made even easier by the winder attached to the side. The reel is equipped with a hanging mount and addition hook. This lightweight reel is ideal for dividing pastures.

The black/white TopLine electric fence polywire impresses with excellent conductivity and durability thanks to its use of 6 x 0.25 mm TriCOND conductors. Strong monofilament threads allow this polywire to take higher loads up to 100 kg.

At a glance:

Recommended for:

  • long, problematic fence system

Special features:

  • reel comes with 300 m polywire, no annoying winding required
  • ready for immediate use
  • increased breaking load thanks to strong monofilaments
  • ideal for sub-dividing fences


  • resistance: 0.42 Ω/m (A grade conductivity)
  • diameter: 2 mm
  • 35x higher conductivity than standard polywire (15 O/m)
  • 6 x 0.25 mm TriCOND conductors
  • ideal for small to medium fences
  • made from tear-resistant PE material (not PP)
  • 3 years warranty on UV resistance
  • breaking load 100 kg
  • with winding handle, hanging mount and hook


  • 1 x TopLine electric fence polywire on a reel

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