The Affordable Dog Fence - Simple - Affordable - Effective

  • Convenient Dog Fence for the Garden as Complete Set!
  • Create a Mobile or Permanent Enclosure for Your Dog with This Affordable Dog Fence
  • Energizer with Reduced Power Output to Ensure Your Pet's Safety
  • For Fencing Dogs, Cats and Other Small Animals
  • For Shorter, Vegetation-Free Fences
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Weight per item: 5.73 kg

Art: 44770.UK

£ 94.99

VOSS.pet "Easy" complete dog fence kit – with mains energiser VOSS.pet fenci M05

The great value dog fence for protecting your garden and creating fencing for dogs, cats and other small animals. Low price – easy to build – provides effective protection!

This kit contains everything you will need to easily set up an electric fence for enclosing and protecting small animals. The VOSS.pet "Easy" complete kit has a wide range of uses.

With this dog fence kit you can set up secure fencing for your dog very easily and economically. Your dog can enjoy his run in the fresh air, while you don't have to worry about your animal running onto the road.

And you can also protect your property from unwelcome wild animals such as martens, racoons or stray cats. You can rely on the "Easy" complete kit to keep your flower beds, fish ponds or fruit trees safe.

The VOSS.pet complete kit is supplied with our VOSS.pet fenci M05 energiser, which has been specifically developed for use with small animals. The energiser has a reduced power output to protect your animals. So although touching the live fence certainly acts as a deterrent, it's completely harmless for people and animals.

Practical tip:

To ensure optimum current flow and the safety of your fence, your fence has to be kept free from vegetation. For fences with vegetation or for animals with long, dense fur, we recommend the following complete kits: Art: 44804 and 44803.

3 Year Warranty Safe Shock BrightLight LED ST Secure Transformer Lightning Protection ON/OFF Switch SMART Control


At a glance

Recommended for:

Dog over 20 kg Dog under 20 kg Cat Rabbit Raccoon Badger Otter Marten Heron
  • fencing dogs and cats
  • protection against stray dogs, cats and other small animals
  • deterring wild animals such as herons, otters, hares, martens and raccoons, etc.
  • fencing off borders, ponds and other garden areas
  • short fences that are free from vegetation

Special features:

  • complete kit for a simple, secure electric fence
  • mains energiser with reduced power output


  • electric fence kit that enables your pets to run about with safety
  • VOSS.pet fenci M05 energiser with reduced power output and weatherproof, robust casing
  • includes ring insulators for flexible installation, even on wooden posts
  • connectors, grounding post and warning sign included in kit
  • white plastic posts, 104 cm, with 3 x tape + 5 x rope eyelets, UV-stabilised, with galvanised 8 mm steel spike, extremely stable
  • very clearly visible, yellow and orange plastic polywire
  • with monitor LED for checking the fence voltage
  • incredibly easy to use


  • 1 x energiser VOSS.pet fenci M05
  • 2 x 100 m polywire, yellow/orange, 3 x 0.20 stainless steel conductors
  • 10 x plastic posts, white, 104 cm, with 3 x tape + 5 x rope eyelets,
  • 5 x connector for polywire, 3 mm, galvanised
  • 1 x grounding post, galvanised, angle profile, approx. 0.55 m
  • 25 x ring insulators, black, with wood screw
  • 1 x fencing connection cable, 1 m
  • 1 x ground connection cable, 1.5 m
  • 1 x international warning sign
  • 1 x manual
Warranty conditions for energisers

36 months warranty on the energiser. Here you find the comprehensive guarantee conditions for our products.

Warranty conditions for conductors

4 years warranty on the UV-resistance/mechanical properties. For further information on the warranty conditions click here.

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28/10/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi


I use this product to fence in my lawn which is about 60 square meters\nI would recommenced it to people with similar sized lawns
Andrew L.
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01/11/2017 Verified purchase via Ekomi


At the price a great set! Our escape artist Doberman finally has respect for our fence ... for her own safety!
Thomas I.
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16/01/2017 Verified purchase via Ekomi


fits perfectly and is easy to mount. Super
Josef G.
0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.