Poultry Netting 50m x 112cm, VOSS.farming classic, 16 Posts, 2 Spikes, Non-Electrifiable

  • green poultry netting - 50 m (164 ft) - non-electrifiable
  • extra close mesh, double-spiked for extra stability
  • reinforced top and bottom polywires
  • easy and quick to set up
  • delivery includes a repair set and 6 pegs
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Poultry netting 50 m x 112 cm, VOSS.farming classic, 16 posts, 2 spikes, non-electrifiable

This net in a pine green colour is only available in our shop! It is fitted with newly improved posts which are robust, have double ground spikes and an extra post ensures 10% improved stability compared to conventional nets. Our nettings are subjected to strict quality control by trained personnel in order to ensure delivery of a fault free product.

The 112 cm high net speaks for itself through its high quality and excellent price / performance ratio. It is also quick and easy to set up without any special tools in just a few minutes. The simple, light design allows the fence to be moved around quickly and easily. This problem free handling allows for fast setting up of pastures and enclosures. This poultry netting has many usages, especially for where an electric fence is not required or not allowed. A good example is enclosures where small children are present or animal exhibitions with visitor traffic. Some animals can be easily cared for with a non-electrifiable netting. The lower part of the net has a very narrow, reinforced mesh.

The net is 50 meters long, is easy to transport and the fence can be installed anywhere quickly. It is made of a pine green poly wire which visually blends perfectly into the landscape. Your fence system will always make a pleasing impression, even in private gardens. Each mesh crossing point is inseparably joined by a welded plastic seal, unbreakable by animals or humans. Thanks to this new technology, our nets are extremely durable and tear-resistant.

The extremely stabile black support posts have double spikes which are anchored to the post with barbed hooks. Therefore, not only they are extremely robust, but also ensure a safe stand even in soft ground. The sagging of the net is kept to a minimum due to an extra post and the reduced distance of only 3.13 m between the posts. All posts contain are fitted with insulation caps and bottom stoppers, to which the ground polywire is attached. Our black posts are made from non-recycled materials, will not bleach in the sun and are resistant to UV rays. You will also receive 6 pegs and a repair kit absolutely free.

Our nettings are subjected to strict quality control by trained personnel in order to ensure delivery of a fault free product.

Please note:

This poultry netting is NOT electrifiable!

Non electric

Electrifiable or non-electrifiable? Which netting is right for you?

Generally, non-electrifiable nettings are perfectly adequate. In most cases, animals will respect the boundary. However, some animals will dig under or even bite through the polywire strands. In such instances, only an electrified netting will be a sufficient deterrent. And of course, if you have a problem with predators, then you should only use an electric fence netting together with a powerful energiser.


At a glance

Recommended for:

Sheep Goat Pig Poultry Dog over 20 kg Dog under 20 kg Cat
  • sheep, goat, pigs, poultry
  • all dogs and cats

Special features:

  • Ø 13 mm posts with double spikes for improved stability even on hilly or uneven terrain
  • posts contain no recycled material, will not bleach in the sun and are UV stabilised
  • posts can be driven into the ground by foot
  • spikes are anodised and corrosion resistant
  • spikes are securely fixed to the post with barbed hooks
  • thanks to the beautiful pine green colour, it blends perfectly into the landscape
  • easy assembly and disassembly without tools
  • safe to use
  • can be extended further with any commercially available netting
  • strict quality control


  • 112 cm height, 50 m long
  • 12 horizontal polywires
  • extremely durable and tear-resistant ing
  • each posts includes a bottom stopper and insulation cap
  • ground and top poly wires are reinforced
  • mesh crossing points joined by latest welding technology
  • UV stabilised


  • 1 x poultry netting 50 m x 112 cm, VOSS.farming classic, 16 posts, 2 spikes, non-electrifiable
  • 6 x pegs to fix the ground polywire and anchor the corners
  • 1 x repair kit, very comprehensive

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04/09/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Ideal for keeping half a dozen very nosy chickens n free range areas I want them to be in...or out of areas I don't wan them in. Easy to put up and take down and easy to cut into sections where needed.
Elaine H.
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14/07/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


The quality of the product is excellent I use it for our chickens to give them as much space as i can in our garden but they are still contained and i can control the areas they have access to when they are not totally free ranging.
Eamon F.
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