Poultry Netting 25m x 112cm, VOSS.farming classic, 9 Posts, 2 Spikes, Orange, Electrifiable

  • reinforced top and bottom polywires
  • ideal for short fences
  • only available in our shop with 9 posts
  • Ø 13 mm posts, extra stabile, 2 spikes
  • easy and quick to set up
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VOSS.farming classic 25 m poultry netting, poultry fence, chicken fence, 112 cm, 9 posts, 2 spikes

classic - the new series from VOSS.farming! Thanks to the new structure and design of the fence, you can now easily assemble your fence with no cutting or rolling involved thus preventing any damage during assembly. This net is only available in our shop.

The 112 cm high net speaks for itself through its high quality and excellent value for money. Thanks to the reinforced mesh it is an excellent choice for fencing poultry and lambs. This electric fence netting has a wide range of application and can be used for sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats.

This 25 m net is ideal for small areas or short distances. Orange polywire makes it clearly visible to animals and humans providing a natural deterrent which increases safety. Of the 12 horizontal polywires, 11 are conductive and intertwined with 3 x 0.2 mm stainless steel wires. This gives you an optimal fence security. The ground polywire is black and non-conductive. In addition, each mesh crossing point is inseparably joined by a welded plastic seal, unbreakable by animals or humans. Thanks to this new technology, our nets are extremely durable and tear-resistant.

The extremely stabile black posts can be easily driven in to the ground and their double spikes ensure stability of the netting. The sagging of the net is kept to a minimum due to an extra post and the reduced distance between of the posts - 3.13 m compared to conventional 3.57 m.

Each post is fitted with an insulation cap and a bottom stopper, to which the ground polywire is attached. In addition to the netting you will also receive 4 pegs and a repair kit absolutely free. All our nets undergo strict quality control by trained personnel to ensure delivery of a fault-free product.

Practical tip:
The posts can be detached from the net and thus placed at any desired position. Further posts (Art: 27246), doors (Art: 27407) and other useful accessories for your net are available in our shop.

Important Note:
We do NOT recommend to use netting for goats with horns, as to prevent injuries. Please contact us, if you have questions.


At a glance

Recommended for:

Sheep Lamb Goat Pig Poultry Chick Dog over 20 kg Dog under 20 kg Cat
  • sheep, lambs, goats, pigs, poultry, chicks
  • all dogs and cats

Special features:

  • short length facilitates fencing of small areas and short distances
  • Ø 13 mm posts with double spikes for improved stability even on hilly or uneven terrain
  • 1 extra post, compared to conventional nets, results in
    • 35 cm shorter distance between posts
    • ca. 15 % improved stability
    • reduced sagging
  • posts contain no recycled material, will not bleach in the sun and are UV stabilised
  • posts can be driven into the ground by foot
  • spikes are anodised and corrosion resistant
  • spikes are securely fixed to the post with barbed hooks
  • each posts includes a bottom stopper and an insulation cap
  • easy assembly and disassembly without tools
  • safe to use
  • can be extended further with any commercially available net
  • strict quality control


  • 112 cm high, 25 m long
  • 12 horizontal polywires, 11 conductive
  • conductive polywires intertwined with 3 x 0.2 mm stainless steel conductors
  • reinforced ground and top polywires
  • vertical polywires do not conduct current
  • welded seal unbreakable by animals or humans
  • UV resistant


  • 1 x VOSS.farming classic 25 m poultry netting, 112 cm, 9 posts, 2 spikes
  • 4 x pegs
  • 1 x repair kit

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29/08/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Just right for a smaller hen run.
Elizabeth V.
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17/06/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi


This is an excellent product and easy to use. Great for keeping chickens safe. Would recommend it to anyone starting out with chickens\n
Anthony F.
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