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Petsafe (PDT20) Remote Trainer for Dogs over 18 kg (900 m Range)

Item-No.: 2226
£ 139.90
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Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Working Days
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Petsafe "PDT20" (Model ST-900-BD) remote trainer for dogs weighing over 3.6 kg

A new and very user-friendly remote trainer from PetSafe – now with 15 correction levels, a large LCD display and a 900 m range!

At the push of a button, the "PDT20" remote trainer, with a 900 m range, emits a signal that activates your dog's receiver collar. Your dog receives a harmless but unpleasant stimulation. The type and strength of the correction depends on the selected button on the hand-held transmitter and the set intensity level.

The advanced digital LCD display shows precise information on which of the 15 levels you are using. It is also possible to just transmit an acoustic signal.

The consistent and correct use of the remote trainer, operated by rechargeable battery, can correct many incorrect types of behaviour and teach the dog basic commands. Ideal for jogging, cycling, walking, for exercising more control over dogs with an instinct for hunting and in all other spheres of hunting.

hundehalter 15_Impulsstufen.png hundehalter 900m_Reichweite.png hundehalter Ton.png hundehalter Booster.png hundehalter Akkubetrieb.png hundehalter Digitalanzeige.png hundehalter Wasserdicht.png

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • all dogs from 3.6 kg in weight (recommended minimum age: 6 months)

Special features:

  • now with 15 correction levels and audible beep
  • additional boost button for quickly increasing pulse strength by two levels
  • rechargeable battery


  • up to 900 m range (dependent on terrain)
  • large illuminated digital LCD display for information on the set correction level, training mode for dog 1 or 2, battery level indicator
  • up to 2 dogs can be trained with a single hand-held transmitter (additional receiver Art: 2227)
  • with ON / OFF switch on the receiver collar and indicator light displaying the operating status and low battery levels
  • hand-held transmitter is splashproof and has ergonomic design
  • robust collar
  • change functions of the control keys
    (a detailed description of the functions can be found in a table in the operating instructions).
  • various safety mechanisms
    (e.g. automatic outage with a correction pulse lasting over 8 seconds)
  • transmitter and receiver have a built-in rechargeable battery
  • charger and mains adaptor are included
  • receiver and collar are waterproof


  • 1 x PetSafe "PDT20" receiver collar, up to 71 cm neck, with rechargeable battery
  • 1 x radio-controlled hand-held transmitter with rechargeable battery and illuminated LCD display
  • 1 x 2-way charger for the receiver and hand-held transmitter
  • 1 x hand loop
  • 1 x test light
  • 1 x set of training instructions
  • 1 x manual

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