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Petsafe, DeLuxe Anti-bark Collar PBC19, Large Dogs

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PetSafe deLuxe PBC19 Bark Control Collar for Large Dogs

The latest generation of anti-bark correction devices using the patented Perfect Bark technology.

The PetSafe (PBC19) automatically adjusts the intensity of the correction level to the temperament of the dog. This is a reliable device for preventing unwanted barking.

Uncontrolled barking can lead to problems with the neighbours, fines and having the animal removed. Excessive barking is also very wearing on your dog.

The PetSafe deLuxe PBC19 bark control collar is a simple and effective way of preventing your dog from barking! To ensure it does not trigger erroneously, the device has two sensors – one for detecting the sound of the bark and another for detecting the vibrations.

Only when both sensors are activated does the device trigger a correction. The intensity of the correction is automatically adjusted to the duration and strength of the barking to ensure it stops as quickly as possible.

The correctional shock is delivered via two contacts on the collar (about 27 mm apart) which stimulate the surface of the dog's skin. The stimulation is unpleasant for the dog and stops him from barking.

The device conforms to all relevant EU ECMA safety standards (

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • Collar for preventing constant barking from dogs
  • recommended for dogs weighing approx. 18 kg or more

Special features:

  • with automatic adjustment of the correction level: The software on the device quickly learns the most effective level of correction.
  • Correction is triggered by a two-factor system. The vibration and noise sensors prevent any erroneous triggering from other dogs barking.
  • various safety features, e.g. automatic shut-off when barking is very frequent


  • on / off switch on the collar
  • two-colour LED battery level indicator
  • waterproof and robust
  • adjustable collar up to 71 cm
  • Very easy to use and handle: handbook and training / operating instructions included


  • 1 x PetSafe deLuxe “(PBC19)" receiver collar
  • 1 x RFA-188 battery
  • 1 x training manual
  • 1 x instruction manual
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