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"Paris" Bird Table with Galvanised Roof + Stand

Item No: 930127
£ 79.99
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Paris - bird table with galvanised roof + stand

Watch the native birds in your garden and offer them a beautiful and practical feeding place.
The modern bird table "Paris" made of solid pine wood offers protection from snow and rain with its elegant galvanised roof. The bird table is easy to fill and is simple to assemble with the practical wooden stand in a matching dark look. This will quickly become the favourite place of your feathered friends.
The galvanised metal will darken over time and acquire an individual shade, similar to that of a copper roof.

Solid pine wood

Ideal for local bird population

Highlight in your garden for many years

Sturdy & Weather-Resistant

The bird table is weather-resistant due to impregnated wood and will bring you a lot of joy for a very long time. The wooden elements are finely sanded and the edges carefully rounded.

High quality bird table with stable stand is ideal for courtyard, terrace or balcony.
The bird table "Paris" is an eye-catcher for every garden. By feeding birds all year round you contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of our native bird population.


  • solid, impregnated pine wood
  • stable stand
  • weather-resistant
  • silver-coloured metal roof
    (optimal rain protection)
  • practical feed protection edge
  • feeding plate: 36 cm x 26.5 cm
  • total height: 116 cm

Many years of experience in this field inspire us to produce our nature and species protection products.

Our native birdlife is close to our hearts. Our passion, biological expertise and craftsmanship come together in the bird tables.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • feeding local bird population

Special features:

  • suitable for all kinds of bird food
  • galvanised roof forms a noble shade over time
  • exclusive Danish design
  • handmade
  • solid construction
  • weather-resistant
  • stable wooden stand with three legs
  • metal ring can be lifted up for easy cleaning


  • height bird table with stand: approx. 116 cm
  • bird table:
    • material: pine wood, impregnated
    • material roof: galvanised metal
    • height: 27 cm
    • feeding plate (LxW): 36 x 26.5 cm
  • stand:
    • material: pine wood, impregnated
    • height: 90 cm
    • 3-leg stand


  • 1 x bird table "Paris"
  • 1 x wooden 3-leg stand

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0 items in your shopping cart

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