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Original Alcochem "H-Trap" Horse Fly Trap

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Alcochem "H Trap" horse fly trap – the original from Holland ensures freedom from horse flies everywhere.

In the fields or at a barbecue – with this improved, versatile model, painful horse fly bites will be a thing of the past for people and animals.

Animals such as horses and cows are exposed to an especially annoying scourge between May and October: the horseflies. But the bothersome insects are not only active in the fields and stables of horses and cattle. They also regularly cause fear and consternation for us humans. Whether on golf courses, cemeteries, sports grounds, in gardens, kindergartens, or beer gardens, or also at lakes, rivers or pond systems – the flying pests are everywhere. Their bites are very painful for people and animals. It is also not unusual for them to be responsible for transferring a large number of pathogens, for example borreliosis.

With the highly effective H trap horse fly trap, you will protect yourself and your animals from aggressive horse flies. The trap is set up outdoors: Ideally, this should be in a location where the insects have a strong presence – mostly near waterways. No chemical baits are used.

Its functioning principle is simple: The insects are attracted to the dark ball, which has been heated by the sun, and they try to bite it. However, this does not succeed, so that the horse fly will try to escape upwards. There, the insect will come into contact with the protective cover and land in the trap's funnel-shaped entrance. After that, the little beasts can't get out of it again.

The patented funnel holder and the practical interchangeable system is only available from us. The trap funnel is not held by an unreliable hanging device, but is attached directly to the guiding pipe. The practical interchangeable system for the horse fly container makes it easy for you to empty the trap.
If you ever need replacement parts for the H trap, this is no problem at all: The funnel stand, the lure ball and the catchment container – we have all these in stock.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • possible areas for use:
    horse and cattle stables, fields, golf courses, gardens, kindergartens, cemeteries, sports fields, beer gardens, campgrounds, pond systems, lakes and rivers

Special features:

  • 95 % fewer horse flies
  • 100 % environmentally friendly – works without electricity, bait or chemicals
  • simple setup thanks to sharpened drive-in sleeve
  • 2-year guarantee on mechanical parts


  • completely UV-resistant
  • tried, tested and patented components
  • stable, storm-resistant construction made of double-galvanised steel
  • lure ball especially bite-proof
  • trap funnel mounted directly on support post for maximum stability
  • already tested many times, highly effective in use
  • lure ball extremely robust and temperature-resistant
  • funnel cover with reinforced textile and edging
  • catchment container with lid for easy emptying
  • Technical data:
    • Diameter: approx. 100 cm
    • Height: approx. 220 cm
    • Colour: black ball, transparent plastic funnel
    • Material thickness on main support pipe: 2 mm
    • weight: 16 kg


  • 1 x horse fly H trap

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1a Horse Fly Trap

Exactly what I need, thank you.
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