Moisture Meter for Grain Wile 55 Digital

  • device dimensions: 180 x 75 x 67 mm
  • moisture measurement range: 5 to 41 %
  • measures 16 varieties of grain and seed
  • weight: 1.5 kg
  • power supply: 9 V block
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WILE 55 digital grain moisture meter

Avoid damage caused by mould formation and rot. Determine the exact right time for harvest.

The WILE 55 instantaneously and precisely measures the moisture content of mature plants. It can measure the moisture content in 16 of the most important cereals in the range 8–35 %, in corn from 8–41 % and oil plants from 5–25 %. Measuring moisture in the grain allows you to determine when is the right time to harvest. Your losses during harvest will be greatly reduced. You can quickly establish whether grains are about to go bad. It protects against mould formation and reduces drying costs.

Our WILE 55 has an easy-to-read LCD display and automatic temperature compensation that is used by the internal temperature sensor for both grains and the equipment itself. The user can precisely calibrate the device and match the readings to those from other meters.

Why is a digital grain moisture meter necessary?

Monitoring moisture content allows you to control how you go about further processing the grain in order to, for example, avoid the grain rotting.

When trading in grains, both buyer and seller can quickly and easily check the moisture content. This can help reduce complaints to a minimum.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • measures the moisture content and temperature in 16 types of grain, corn and oil plants

Special features:

  • Whole grain measurement with a small sample quantity
  • Moisture measurement range: 5 to 41 %
  • Precision: +/- 0.5 %


  • Device dimensions: 180 x 75 x 67 mm
  • measures 16 varieties of grain and seed
  • easy-to-read display
  • mean value calculation
  • automatic temperature compensation
  • quick and easy to use
  • weight: 1.5 kg
  • no calibration necessary
  • resolution: 0.1 %
  • precision: +/-0.5 %
  • power supply: 9 V block (included in delivery)


  • 1 x WILE 55 grain moisture meter
  • 1 x study transport case
  • 1 x 9-volt battery
  • 1 x sampling cup
  • 1 x user manual

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