Kerbl TAON-X ECO Horse Fly Trap

  • 95 % Less Horse Flies on the Paddock
  • Effective Range of up to 5,000 Square Meters
  • Protects Humans and Animals Alike
  • Poison-Free and without Any Chemicals
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Kerbl "TaonX Eco" horse fly trap

Here is how to protect your animals in small areas – quickly and free of toxins!

Some animal owners or herd farmers have already heard about the helpful and extremely effective horse fly trap "TaonX" from Kerbl. It protects horses, cattle, donkeys and other animals from painful horse fly bites. With this proven trap, you will save your animals not only from the bite wounds and infections, but also from the transference of multiple illnesses – e.g. borreliosis. Your animals will also be much more calm and relaxed when they are not exposed to bothersome flies or horse flies.

The "TaonX" was not previously an option for individual animal lovers, because for them, mounting the trap in the ground was difficult or completely impossible. This is now no longer an obstacle, because Kerbl has now released the "TaonX Eco". This trap can easily be hung up in a tree or even from a building's ceiling by the included link chain. Thanks to an angle iron for wall mounting, which you can order separately, the "TaonX Eco" can even be hung on house walls or barns.

Success speaks for the "TaonX Eco": One trap will eliminate up to 95 % of all horse flies within a radius of 5,000 m². The horse fly trap is child's play to handle: There's practically nothing for you to do except to hang up the "TaonX Eco". The trap will then do its work by itself.

Whether in the field, in the stable, or by the house, the "TaonX Eco" has multiple versatile applications. Special feature: The horse fly trap protects not only your animals, but you too! Simply hang the trap in your garden or on the wall of a caravan, and it will remove the annoying insects all by itself.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Horse flies usually gather near bodies of water (lakes, rivers, ponds, puddles, marshes, etc.).
  • Before you set up the trap, you should determine the flight paths used by the horse flies to and from the bodies of water.
  • Once you have located the flight paths, place the horse fly trap/s as close to them as possible.
  • The capture containers must be emptied daily or weekly depending on the capture rate.
  • Make sure the horse fly trap is set up in time for the emergence of female horse flies, which occurs from April onwards. This is the best way to get rid of annoying horse flies.
  • You should also place a couple of drops of detergent into the water-filled capture container. In adding this, the surface tension of the water is decreased and is then no longer sufficient to carry the insect. This causes the horse flies to drown.

    This is how the "TaonX Eco" draws the horse flies into the trap: The horse fly trap is equipped with a black ball which moves slowly in the wind and heats up in the sun. This means that the horse fly thinks it has a moving, warm-blooded victim ahead, and it flies towards it to bite it. But as soon as the insect goes to bite the ball, it will bounce back from the bite-proof shape. After failing in its bite attempt, the horse fly is dizzy and flees upwards. It fails here too, because a funnel around the ball will only guide the fly upwards into the catchment container. It holds water, in which the insect will eventually drown.

How does the "TaonX Eco" horse fly trap from Kerbl work?

Horseflies are annoying to everyone- people and animals
Horseflies fly to everywhere it is warm
The flies confuse the ball with the horse and try to bite it.
and when the flies try to fly off the trap is led upwards through the funnel.
Peace and quiet - the annoying pests are taken care of.


At a glance

Recommended for:

Horse Pony Cattle
  • horses, ponies, cattle
  • open-air locations where horse flies are an irritant

Special features:

  • 90% of horse flies are caught
  • easy installation / hanging, e.g. from trees
  • a comprehensive accessory set for hanging up the trap is included with the product
  • easy to handle


  • maximum effective area of 5,000 m²
  • environmentally friendly and toxin-free method
    • insecticide-free
  • weather-resistant
  • robust design:
    • hot-dip galvanized frame with 2.00 mm wall thickness
    • galvanised and protected against corrosion
  • central diameter: 1.00 m
  • weight: around 10 kg
  • 2-year warranty
  • accessories: air pump
  • angle iron for wall mounting can be ordered separately.


  • 1 x Kerbl "TaonX Eco" horse fly trap
    • consisting of:
      • ball including air pump and textile belt
      • stranded wire to tension the screen
      • capture container with cover
      • galvanised container bracket including ties and carabiner
      • 3-piece textile belt including carabiners and link chain (length: 100 cm) for hanging up the trap
      • instruction manual

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