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Wild boar damage?

This is how you protect yourself!

Wild boars don't just cause massive damage in the countryside. These animals are increasingly making appearances in urban areas and rummage around for food in private gardens, golf courses and parks. Wherever you look, headlines about wild boar damage are everywhere.

On the hunt for grubs, worms and roots, these black-coated creatures ransack entire airfields, eat away at vineyards and rummage through waste bins in residential areas.

Here at, we can help you find a solution to your animal problem! Our team specialises in electric fence systems that have been developed with defence against wild animals in mind.

Depending on the situation, we offer a variety of accessories that you can use to reliably secure your plot of land. We will be happy to put together a package of fence accessories just for you!

Who is is a family-run business and specialist for electric fences.
Wild animals such as wild boar, raccoons, martens or wolves are spreading out ever further and causing huge damage! We are a competent point of contact specialising in questions of animal deterrents. At we offer reliable solutions to protect you from damage caused by wild animals!
Our large range includes over 1,000 different energisers, wires, insulators, posts, electric nettings and other accessories from more than 100 brands and manufacturers. We are proud to also offer custom developed solutions to our customers.
We will be happy to help you make your decision – whether by providing detailed product descriptions on our website or through direct consultation with our knowledgeable team.

How to protect yourself from wild boar damage

To protect yourself from having to hand your land over to wild boars fencing is the only option. An electric fence provides the most reliable protection!
Electric fences are simple and affordable to put up whilst being suitable for both small and large plots of land. When they touch the electric fence, the wild boars receive an electric shock. This shock is not dangerous, but is still very unpleasant, and means that they will keep their distance from the fenced area in future.
The right accessories are needed to ensure it is a reliable deterrent.
Wild boars are very strong and tough creates who are not used to electric fences. The fence therefore needs to be set up to be very powerful and very clear to see. It is important that when the animals touch the fence for the first time it remains so strongly in their memory they won't go near it a second time!

The wild boar fence

Permanent fence posts make up the framework for your fence system. Place solid wooden posts at corners, at access points and also moving points with particularly high tensile forces. Place the insulators on these for the wires at three heights. You should plan for rows set at heights of about 20 cm, 45 cm and 70 cm so that large wild boars, but also smaller young boars, cannot slip through the fence. Place posts, ideally lightweight plastic posts, between the permanent fence posts to keep the wire insulated from the ground.
Wild boars have very poor vision. It is therefore necessary to make sure the conducting material is highly visible. Studies have shown that contrasting black / white is easiest for them to see.
Very long fences are usually used for defence against wild boars. Very good quality conducting material is needed to ensure the electricity can travel the full length of these fences.
For these reasons we use exceptionally high-quality bVOSS.farming HPC series . So that the boars notice the fence, allow for a 10 mm wide tape as a visual marker on the lower or middle row.

Components for a 1,000 m wild boar fence:

  1. 3 x 4 Z-profile posts, 100 cm (item no. 42220.4)
  2. 9 x 20 "Limit 110" electric fence posts, 110 cm, 10 loops (item no. 42171)
  3. 9 x 4 "Super M6" corner insulators, M6 thread, extra strong (item no. 44813)
  4. 5 x Electric fence polywire, 400 m, 6 x 0.25 HPC, black / white (item no. 42735)
  5. 3 x 5 Electric fence connectors for polywire, 3 mm high-grade steel (item no. 42850)
  6. 5 x Tape 10 mm, 200 m, 4 x?0.25 HPC, black / white (Item no. 42420)
  7. 2 x 5 electric fence tape connectors up to 13 mm (with lug) (item no. 44657)
  8. 6 x Wire connecting cable, 60 cm, screwable (item no. 44653)
  9. 1 x 5 Warning signs "CAUTION ELECTRIC FENCE" (Item no. 44736)
  10. 1 x 25 "Clip & Safe" electric rope and tape insulators (item no. 44624)
  11. 1 x drive-in sleeve for T-post and Z-post (item no. 42227)

The energiser

A more powerful energiser should be chosen for defence against wild boars than would normally be used for horse or cattle fences. The fence voltage should be at least 4,000 V. The discharge energy should not be less than 2 joules. An energiser with around 3–5 joules is preferred.
If you would like to put up a very long fence or have a lot of vegetation on the fence, then we recommend an energiser with reserve capacity. These energisers have a pulse energy of up to 14 joules and provide the highest functional security.
To get the required performance, use either a 12 V battery unit or, ideally, a 230 V mains energiser.

  • 1. 230 V Energiser "NV 6800" (Item no. 42130)
    A very powerful energiser for large electric fences.
    A 6-level LED display allows for optimal monitoring of the electric fence.

  • 2. 230 V energiser "Nvi 9000" (item no. 44869)
    Our power package: Extremely powerful energiser for long electric fences with heavy vegetation. Suitable for the most difficult fence and soil conditions. Has 3 indicator LEDs for fence, grounding and power consumption!

  • 3. 230 V energiser "Nvi 15000" (item no. 44875)
    Our most powerful energiser! Optimal safety for even the most difficult fencing systems. Achieves the highest permitted threshold values!

  • 4. 12 V Battery energiser "AV 6500" (Item no. 42060)
    An electric fence battery energiser that provides a high shock strength. Has a large battery LED indicator and additional fence monitoring. Top-quality German manufacture means a high level of safety for your electric fence.

  • 5. 12 V battery energiser "Avi 10000" (item no. 44687)
    Our most powerful 12 V battery energiser conforms to the new safety standards for energisers. Designed for the highest demands, e.g. very long fences and dense vegetation.


  1. Grounding stake (item nos. 44219, 44375)
  2. Insulated high-voltage cable (with galvanised steel core) (item no. 32601)
  3. Grounding post connector (item no. 33615)


  1. Digital fence tester (Item no. 44863)
  2. Self-tapping screw (Item no. 49750).
  3. Warning light (Item no. 32380).
  4. Solar panel 30 W (item no. 43685)
    30 W including energiser (item no. 43687)
  5. Case for 12 V battery energisers (item no. 44871)
  6. Anti-theft case (Item no. 43650).
  7. 12 V electric fence battery for battery energisers (item no. 34461)
    12 V electric fence battery for battery energisers (item no. 34462)
  8. Ground fault circuit breaker) (Item no. 48015).
  9. Lightning protection (Item no. 44755).
  10. Fence switch (Item no. 4476).
  11. Reels (item nos. 44270, 44271, 44238, 44239)

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