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Animal repellents / Deterrents / Startlers

Different animal deterrent devices scare off animals in different ways:

  • Emitting noise signals
  • Emitting ultrasound signals
  • Emitting flashes of light
  • Spraying compressed air
  • Spraying water
  • Triggering electric pulses

Most animal repellents operate using an infrared sensor to detect the movement of the animal and trigger the scare signal.

Different animal deterrents are used depending on the type of problem:

Ultrasound devices

Ultrasound devices reliably scare off dogs, cats, martens, foxes, raccoons, herons and many other wild animals. Most ultrasonic deterrents emit an combination of signals in audible and ultrasound frequencies.

Animals are sensitive to these frequencies and avoid areas where these sounds are present. Humans cannot generally hear them and are therefore not disturbed by ultrasonic animal repellents.

VOSS.sonic ultrasound repellents meet the highest quality standards and can be used anywhere. They are equipped with a modern movement sensor that can cover a large area and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The specific ultrasound frequencies emitted can be adjusted for different types of animals. Depending on the type of device, additional protection is provided by light signals and alarm features.

Spray repellent devices

Spray repellent devices are particularly suited for keeping cats away from particular indoor objects. The SSSCat cat repellent works using harmless compressed air. As soon as the cat comes within 1 m of the animal repeller, the device triggers a spray. This scares the cat and it backs away. SSSCat can of course also be used with other pets such as dogs, guinea pigs or rabbits.

Water deterrent devices

Water deterrents can be used to keep dogs, cats, herons and other unwanted visitors out of your garden. The water deterrent scares off the animal by targeting a jet of water at them. We are offering Spray Away™, an extremely environmentally friendly and safe deterrent system. You can use this device to reliably protect gardens up to 300 m².

Electric deterrents

Electric animal repellents touch on the same principles as electric fences.

When the animals touches the electric scarer it receives a mild electric shock. This method means the animals quickly learn which areas are off limits and avoids these in the future.

The various repellent mats available from us will allow you to protect both objects and areas from cats, martens and other animals. To protect your sofa or bedroom from cats, dogs and other pets, we recommend the "Mat Cat".

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