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Brown bears love honey

Your chances of running into a bear in Austria, Germany or Switzerland are increasing. Numerous efforts for protection and projects to reintroduce colonies have led to the large bears increasingly spreading out.

To ensure a safe co-existence of humans and bears in the future, it is necessary to take the right protective measures.

Countries that are used to dealing with bears, such as Slovenia Italy and Canada, demonstrate how it works: Beekeepers successfully protect their bees from the large honey thieves using electric fences.

Thanks to their excellent sense of smell, brown bears can sniff out the beehives from far away. And it's not just the sweet honey that attracts them. The bees themselves and their offspring make for some welcome variety in the bears' diet. Once the animals have found such a delicious place to eat, they will keep coming back to it.

To avoid any further damage, it is essential to take protective measures immediately after the first visit. Cabins, barbed wire, noise makers, substances with repellent scents such as turpentine, smelly socks or dog hair do not keep brown bears away!

The only method proven to effective is to enclose the beehives within an electric fence!

Quality is especially important when selecting the electric fence material. Brown bears are amongst the largest land-based predators on Earth and are extremely strong! A high-quality energiser and robust fence material are basic requirements for a secure bear fence.

Who is is a family-run business specialist for electric fences.
Wild animals such as wild boar, raccoons, martens or wolves are spreading out ever further and causing huge damage! We are a competent point of contact specialising in questions of animal deterrents. At we offer reliable solutions to protect you from damage caused by wild animals!
Our large range includes over 1,000 different energisers, wires, insulators, posts, electric nettings and other accessories from more than 100 brands and manufacturers. We are proud to also offer custom developed solutions to our customers.
We will be happy to help you make your decision – whether by providing detailed product descriptions on our website or through direct consultation with our knowledgeable team.

Building a bear-proof electric fence:

  1. A bear-proof electric fence needs to be at least 1.1 m tall and consist of 5 rows of electric fence tape.
  2. Erect the electric fence system at a distance of at least 1m from the beehives.
    We recommend keeping a larger distance, however, in order to allow you to work around the hives more easily.
  3. Place wooden posts every 50 m as well as in the corners and on gates.
    The wooden posts should have a minimum height of 1.6 m and a diameter of approximately 8 cm.
    (Octo-Wood Permanent Fence Post Item no. 44827)
  4. Place flexible plastic posts every approx. 5 m between the sturdy wooden posts.
    (SuperFlex Plastic Post Item no. 44491)
  5. You should ideally select a highly visible conducting material so that bears can see the electric fence.
    At minimum, we recommend using 10mm wide electric fence tape with contrasting black and white stripes.
    (Tape TLD, black / white Item no. 42420)
  6. To create a sufficient barrier for bears, the first row of electric fence tape should run at no more than 20 cm from the ground. The upper rows should then each be placed at 25 cm intervals. (Image 1)
    (recommended tape heights: 20?cm, 45?cm, 70?cm, 95?cm, 120?cm)
  7. Affix insulators at the corresponding heights to the outer facing side of the wooden posts.
    (Professional corner-line insulator Item no. 44632, "Super" corner insulator Item no. 44812)
  8. If you are planning to include a gate in your electric fence system then some special precautions must be taken. The gate should be flanked by wooden posts to ensure sufficient stability. For quick construction, you should ideally use a handle and spring set consisting of gate handle insulators, tensioning spring and handle.
    Attach the handle insulators to both posts at the corresponding tape heights. On the inside of the handle insulators, attach the spring with the handle. Mount the electric fence tape to the outside using a fencing tape gate handle mount. Using the fencing tape gate handle mount you can create a secure power feed and can easily re-tension the bear fence. (Image 2)
    (Gate handle and spring set Item no. 44252; Fencing tape gate handle mount item no. 44605.3)
  9. Choose a high-performance energiser. In order to keep powerful brown bears away from the beehives, the energiser should deliver a voltage of at least 5000 V!
    Mains energisers have the highest reserve power and are recommended if you have access to a mains socket. If your electric fence system is more than 250 m from a mains connection, we recommend a 12 V battery energiser.
    12 V battery energisers offer the required strength to deter bears, and the batteries that can be recharged. The additional installation of solar panels will save you time and money and are environmentally friendly.
    (230?V Mains energiser NVi7000 Item no. 44865; high voltage lead out cable 250 m Item no. 32609; 12 V battery energiser AVi8000 with 30 W solar panel Item no. 44465; 12 V special rechargeable battery Item no. 34461; battery acid Item no. 34466; battery charger Item no. 34463)
  10. Using electric fence supply cables and connecting cables you can create conducting connection from your energiser to the electric tape and link the individual fence rows to each other!
    (Fence supply cable for tape Item no. 33614; connecting cable with heart clip Item No. 44185)
  11. Ensure your electric fence system is well grounded. Place a grounding rod near to the energiser and connect it using a lead out cable to the ground connection on the energiser. If the ground conditions are particularly poor, e.g. sandy, dry soil, it may be necessary to use several grounding stakes.
    (Special grounding post Item no. 44375; fence supply cable / earth connection cable Item no. 33615)
  12. Check the voltage of your bear fence using a digital fence tester. For reliable protection against bears the voltage should be at least 5000 V.
    (Fence tester, digital display Item no. 44863)
  13. It is a legal requirement that any electric fence systems placed near to public roads and pathways are clearly indicated with warning signs. Attach clearly visible warning signs approx. every 10-50 m and at entrances to paths and locations where an electric fence may not be expected carrying the phrase "Caution Electric Fence".
    (Warning sign Item no. 44735)

Overview of fence components:


  1. 230 V energiser "NVi7000" (Item no. 44865)
  2. 12?V battery energiser "AVi8000" with 30 W solar system (Item no. 44465)

Fence posts:

  1. Octo-Wood permanent fence post, 180 cm (Item no. 44827)
  2. "SuperFlex" plastic posts, 158 cm, 20 x (Item no. 44491)


  1. Professional corner line insulator, 10 x (Item no. 44632)
  2. "Super" corner insulator, 4 x (Item no. 44812)

Conducting material:

  1. Tape 10 mm, 200 m, 4 x?0.25 TLD, black/white (Item no. 42420)

Gate installation:

  1. Gate handle and spring set (Item no. 44252)
  2. Fencing tape gate handle mount, 3 x (Item no. 44605.3)


  1. Special grounding post (Item no. 44375)
  2. Fence supply and earth connection cable, 3 m (Item no. 33615)


  1. High-voltage lead out cable, 250 m (Item no. 32609)
  2. Fence supply cable for tape, 5 m (Item no. 33614)
  3. Connecting cable with heart-shaped clip (Item no. 44185)

Fence tester:

  1. Fence tester with digital display (Item no. 44863)


  1. Lightning protection equipment (Item no. 44755)
  2. Warning sign "CAUTION ELECTRIC FENCE" (Item no. 44735)
  3. 12?V Wet battery, 85?Ah (Item no. 34461)
  4. Battery acid (Item no. 34466)
  5. Battery charger (Item no. 34463)

More tips for building a bear fence:

Discharges through vegetation, sagging wires or faulty insulators will reduce the voltage on the electric fence. Check your electric fence system regularly for loss of voltage!

Brown bears are excellent climbers. Ensure that bears cannot climb over your electric fence using adjacent trees or buildings.

Store leftover food, chain oil and other organic waste in sturdy metal containers so as to avoid providing further attractions for bears!


Further tips and tricks for building electric fences can be found on our homepage Please feel free to contact our team by telephone and email!

Hotline:0145 234 62 04 Mon - Fri | 8am – 4pm

© 2014; reproduction and further use of this content permitted only if is indicated as the source.

0145 234 62 04 | Mon - Fri | 8am – 4pm
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