Gate for Electric Fence Netting, Electrifiable, Complete Kit, 105cm

  • gate for electric fence nettings up to 90 cm high
  • for a quick and easy access to your enclosure
  • the gate is suitable for all nets up to 90 cm high
  • the energiser does not need to be switched off to open the gate
  • can be easily installed in existing fences; connection accessories are included
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VOSS.farming gate for electric fence nets, can be electrified, complete kit, 105 cm

This practical, optionally electrified gate for your electric fence netting can be installed quickly and easily at any location in the netting. It can also be installed later in a fence that has already been set up.

Many customers often ask us if it's possible to install a gate into an electric fence netting. With normal electric fences, pasture gates or flexible gate systems are generally used. For a long time there was no solution available for getting through electric fence netting fences without turning off the power or moving the netting.

We have come up with a solution to this problem with our patented gate for electric fence nettings.

The netting gate can be inserted at any point in the electric fence netting. The netting in the door can be electrified to guarantee maximum safety.The insulated frame allows the door to be opened and closed easily without having to turn off the electricity.

The electric fence netting gate is delivered with all the necessary materials for setting it up. Place the VOSS.farming electric fence netting gate in the fence where you would like the opening to be. The netting in the door is connected to the existing electric fence netting using the connecting cables included.

At a glance

Areas of application:

  • suitable as a gate for all electric fence nets between 85 and 95 cm in height

Special features:

  • gate for electric fence netting, 105 cm
  • easy and safe to open and close, without having to switch off the electricity
  • very close-meshed conductor netting, 5 x 5 cm (safe for protection)


  • quick and easy to install
  • lightweight, yet stable and robust
  • gate netting can be electrified, while the sturdy frame is insulated.
  • can also easily be installed in existing fences (85–95 cm in height)
  • opening width: 86 cm (sufficient for most garden equipment)
  • incl. 2 jumbo posts, double spike
  • incl. cables and connections
  • delivered with connection accessories
  • with setup instructions


  • 1 x VOSS.farming gate for electric fence nettings, can be electrified, complete kit, 105 cm

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