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  • Find the right rope for your electric fence
  • Available in various qualities and lengths
  • Grab a bargain with our Multi-Packs
  • Any questions? Simply give us a call

Products: Electric Fence Rope

In stock
£ 15.90
New to the range!
Electric fence rope with 7 x 0.20 stainless steel conductors.
22 % more conductive* than standard rope!
In stock
£ 75.90
Best offer: 1,000 m electric fence rope + 5 connectors + warning sign!
Now with 1 extra thick stainless conductor!
very strong and durable.
In stock
£ 19.90
Unbeatable value for money!
Electric fence rope with the latest TLD conductor technology.
The conductivity of copper and the strength of stainless steel in one conductor!
In stock
£ 57.35
£ 53.90
  • VALUE SET: 3 x 200 m rolls
  • 6 x TLD 0.25 max-conductors
  • tensile strength: 350 kg
  • resistance: 0.104 ohm/m
In stock
£ 19.90
Highly visible electric fence rope with the latest TLD conductor technology! Perfect for horses, ponies, cattle, etc.
Great conductivity and robustness = high level of safety!
In stock
£ 18.50
Top quality from Germany at a fantastic price!
This rope combines a high level of conductivity with great durability.
Suitable for many types of fencing.
In stock
£ 17.90
Our new rope, to celebrate the company's 30th birthday!
The rope is characterised by its perfect combination of conductive material. 6 stainless steel and 3 copper conductors (each 0.20 mm) ensure the rope is highly conductive as well as durable!
In stock
5.00 Reviews (1)
£ 55.65
£ 49.90
Make the most of the price advantage by purchasing as a set!
Electric fence rope with a high level of conductivity and permanent conductor bundles. Great quality, manufactured in Germany.
In stock
£ 54.90
  • ideal for long fences (vegetation)
  • suitable for all horse and pony breeds
  • also suitable for donkeys, cattle, goats, sheep, etc.
Sorry, out of stock.
£ 48.90
TLD conductor technology:
High level of conductivity, durability and safety!

Original product at a fantastic price.
Black / white plastic, high contrast, great visibility, even in twilight.
In stock
£ 31.90
Our electric fence cord for professional fencing.
Thick, stainless steel and copper conductors ensure a high level of conductivity!
Very high-quality plastic, 5-year UV guarantee!
In stock
£ 76.90
£ 69.90
Professional quality to meet the highest safety requirements.
With conductor bundles for a consistent fence voltage, very low resistance (0.07 ohms).
Suitable for long, problematic fencing systems, e.g. horse fences.
In stock
£ 156.16
1,000 m professional electric fence rope + stainless steel connectors!
Suitable for a huge variety of fencing.
High UV-resistance and the thick conductors mean that it is highly durable.
Sorry, out of stock.
£ 79.90
  • 6 mm diameter
  • high tensile strength and durability thanks to very thick PE fibres
  • high UV-stability
  • very low resistance (0.15 O)
In stock
£ 63.90
An extra-thick rope made of high-quality material promises excellent functionality and safety. Suitable for challenging fencing.

Adviser: electric fence rope

Electric fence rope is one of the conducting materials used to electrify an electric fence and provide it with a high degree of safety. You will be well equipped with electric fence rope, whether you use it on simple or more complicated fence systems. If electric fence wire or electric fence polywire is too small for your purposes or electric fence tape is too wide, electric fence rope / electric fence cord will be best suited to your needs.

Keeping your animals safely fenced in and keeping wild animals out

However tall and robust a standard fence, it will often be inadequate in the worst-case scenario. If your animals are particularly stubborn, aggressive, young or untrained, or if they have a strong desire for freedom, they may escape through, or damage, your fencing. An electric fence eradicates this problem as, the mechanical barrier is combined with an effectively deterring electric shock. If it comes into contact with a conductor such as electric fence rope, the animal will receive a short yet harmless electric shock. In this way you can be sure that animals such as cows, sheep, goats or pets will be reliably fenced in. Electric fences are also suitable for use as a defence against wild animals and for keeping out uninvited guests. The success of these fences depends on three or four components: the energiser (supplies the fence with electricity), the conducting material (conducts electricity through the fence system), the posts and the insulators which are used to attach the conducting material. You can choose between various electric fence conductors including electric fence ropeor electric fence cord which comes in different designs. What characterises electric fence rope?

High-quality electric fence rope is conductive and tear-proof.

Electric fence conductors should be designed so that they are hard-wearing and robust on the one hand, and conduct electricity on the other. It is precisely these features that characterise electric fence rope. This rope is made of plastic with wire made of stainless steel or copper woven into the non-conducting threads. These are electrified by the energiser. The conductors are bundled into the braid in the thick rope, ensuring a high level of conductivity. The better the electric fence rope with ultra-modern conductor technology is able to conduct electricity, the lower its resistance, and the better equipped the long fence system will be with the required strength of voltage. Electric fence rope with TLD conductors has proven itself particularly successful and is suitable for use on long electric fences with powerful energisers. Weather-proof and UV-resistant electric fence rope can withstand stress and will faithfully provide many years of service. Its diameter usually ranges between 3 and 8 mm. It is compatible with affordable ring insulators and easy to use. Through the combination of white and another colour, good visibility is achieved. Electric fence cord thus enables professional and safe fencing.

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