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Chip Readers & RFID Tags

  • Keep your pet safe!
  • Registration chips and quality chip readers from VOSS.PET
  • If your pet is found, it can quickly be identified and returned
  • RFID tags - so that lost animals are not lost forever
Out of stock
will soon be available
£ 599.99
  • value set with 2 collars
  • range up to 20 km
  • waterproof
  • tracking with an App possible
  • precise reliable GPS module

RFID animal chips Chip reader Injector Animal chips

With regards to animal safety and looking after animals correctly, you can’t do without an animal chip. Animal chips equipped with an RFID chip reader have become established nationally and internationally and turn animal husbandry into a pleasant experience for both owner and pet. With an injector for inserting the chip, identifying pets or cattle or even wild animals is extremely simple. Equipped with a suitable chip reader for the RFID chip, identifying the animal is quick and easy. Especially for animal tracking, implanted pet chips are a huge advantage. What are the advantages of this practical aid and what do I need to consider?

Why should animal chips be used?

Many pet owners ask why it is important to use an animal chip. There are many reasons however, they are all geared to the same end: Animal protection. Unfortunately, collars, leads and pet fencing are not always sufficient for keeping dogs and cats safe or, where breeding is concerned, do not always comply with all legal requirements. The advantages of an RFID chip are:

  • Registration and animal marking is mandatory in various German Federal states and certain foreign countries.
  • It is a requirement for travelling / going on holiday with pets.
  • It is required for EU pet passports and vaccination certificates.
  • It provides proof of the animal’s pedigree for animal breeding.
  • animal tracking if the dog or cat runs away
  • clear association with the owner (for example in the event of theft)
  • suitable for the widest variety of animals, even exotic breeds

Animal marking via an animal chip offers further advantages. For example, if you train your pet and take it to a competition, clear proof of identity will generally be required. In addition, wins and entries in competitions can be tracked with the chip. If you wish to show or sell the animal, this can be useful. For a similar reason, breeders rely on RFID chips for pets. For pedigree dogs or cats, horses, birds, fish such as koi or working animals / cattle – identifying them with a chip implant enables their pedigree to be clarified beyond all doubt. This enables breeding programmes to be monitored and increases the chances of a sale. Identification also increases the breeders’ credibility. Inversely, when the animal is being sold in the future, the owner of the animal can be traced. If an animal is abandoned and caught, the authorities can trace who committed such an inhumane act.

In a wider sense, providing animals with chips promotes species protection and the well-being of animals, as pet passports and RFID chips help to prevent the spread of rabies and other communicable diseases. The vaccination status of travelling or escaped animals and the transponder number are stored on the micro pet chip and can be read with the chip reader. The transponder number must be registered with a central database as otherwise there is no point chipping your pet or working animals. The databases, associations and organisations include the Deutsche Tierschutzbund, Petcard, Petmaxx and Tasso e.V. Various products include an animal identity card for practical online registration. An empty space on the packaging can be used for noting down figures, animal names and basic data for identification / on implants.

Most people use chips and chip readers because they worry about their pets. What if your dog runs away and can no longer be found? What if your cat becomes a stray? We come across posters for lost animals or missing animal announcements on a daily basis. You could do with some good advice if you don’t use microchips to identify or track your animal. If the animal is stolen or runs away, reliable animal tracking is available through the use of animal chips. The microchip can also be combined with certain products for dogs and cats. For example, there are feeding troughs, cat flaps and other accessories for pets which work together as automated devices with RFID animal chips and can be controlled or activated via the chip.

General information about animal chips

Those who are unfamiliar with the equipment, may believe that the chips are relatively large, cause the animal discomfort, are difficult to insert or represent a health risk after implantation. However, this is not the case. You may encounter problems with microchips if you use particularly cheap versions or dubious products. However, in general, the chips available from our online shop are of such high quality that they fulfil their purpose for many years or even throughout the animal’s entire life. Most RFID chips are so small that they are hardly visible to the naked eye. Even large versions don’t exceed 2 cm. As an option, mini-chips are available for small types of animal such as rodents, birds or fish or for animals which weigh less than 6 kg. Special-cut cannula are available and ensure a virtually pain-free injection.

The identification animal chips are made of bio glass and related materials which make them harmless and compatible. After quick insertion under the skin, the tracking chips stick in place thank to their special roughened surface. This ensures that they remain in position and don’t move through the animal’s body, causing a risk of injury. The chips contain a transponder which collects stored data concerning the dog and owner, and can be read via an RFID animal chip reader. This offers a further advantage: It’s unlikely that you’ll always carry a pet passport or similar documents with you, or if you lose them, the implanted pet chip is inseparable from the animal. Thanks to suitable chip readers, the data can be recorded and assigned at any time and place.

How does animal chipping work?

Implanting an animal chip is not rocket science. Some animal owners ask a vet or someone specialised in animal husbandry / breeding to implant the chip. Others take matters into their own hands and use an animal chip with an injector to perform the animal marking. The advantages are clear: You spare the animal that onerous visit to the vets which, in certain serious cases, can even be a traumatic experience. Instead of spending time and money getting the chip inserted at the vets, the microchip can be injected by hand into the animal in a few easy steps, in the true sense of the word. The sterile kit, made up of an injector and microchip, also contains stickers with a barcode for clear identification. The chips are designed so that the animals do not experience any unpleasantness and comply with veterinary medicine principles and rules. The complete injector with cannula is used for the sterile, fast and uncomplicated implantation of RFID chips under the animal’s skin. If required, double packs containing two injectors and chips and several stickers are available. A comprehensive, complete package also includes the chip reader.

Animal owners want to be sure that they’ve done everything correctly when chipping their animal. Even this aspect is taken into account by manufacturers: The injectors for implanting microchips slot perceptibly and audibly into place when the chip is successfully implanted with the cannula under the skin. This let’s you know when to pull the injector out and that the transponder is positioned correctly. As a sharp, thin and pointed needle is used, the animal barely notices the injection. He feels barely any pain and in most cases, the temporary shock is soon forgotten. For puppies, kittens and young animals in general, implanting RFID chips is highly recommended. For such chipping, a mini-microchip which is barely larger than 1 cm, is ideal.

Chip readers: What they’re capable of doing

RFID chip readers are used, for example, at airports and border controls and also by animal rescue centres, breeders and vets, animal clinics and boarding kennels. The RFID chip reader is essential in the professional domain and is compliant with EU standards. With an RFID chip reader made by well-known manufacturers, you get a top-class chip reader which is also tried and tested in the professional domain. The chip reader’s components and functions include:

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Reading and saving data
  • Transferring data to the PC or laptop
  • Rechargeable battery and USB cable
  • Case or carrying bag
Animal chip and RFID scanner RT100

A chip reader is regularly used on a mobile basis which is why it should not have to be operated with a mains power connector. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, the device can be operated for several hours, for example, at a pet show or for dog sports, when showing cats at an animal exhibition or during the control of imported / exported ornamental fish. A USB connector cable is available for transferring the stored data. The information can be viewed on the computer and processed or saved in a database.

What characterises high-quality RFID chip readers? In general, they have a high scanning speed. Chip data can be recorded in seconds. If the reading distance is up to 80 mm, this also facilitates fast and straightforward reading. With restless, active, injured or frightened animals, this is an essential advantage. To enable international or transnational use, the micro chip reader comes with several language settings such as German, English, Spanish and French. The reader can be kept in the box in which it is delivered, so that it can be taken everywhere and remains well protected. The animal chip reader can be summarised as suitable for everyday use, hard-wearing and equipped with the latest technology. If required, a mini-reader is also available, which features USB connection and is perfect for mobile use. This small, handy device for implanted animal chips is easy to charge (can be connected to your Tablet or PC), practical and just as high performance as the larger device. The practical RFID Mini Reader also features a large, easy-to-read display.

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