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  • Better safe than sorry!
  • Clever tracking systems with GPS for dogs
  • Registration chips and quality chip readers from VOSS.miniPET
  • So that lost animals are not lost forever
Category: Dog Tracking & Identification

Tracking Devices

Products: Dog Tracking & Identification

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Animal tracking + identification

For most pet owners, only the very best collar is good enough. Therefore it comes as no surprise that many dog and cat owners give special consideration to animal tracking devices. This is an important aspect of pet safety if you wish to give your beloved animal free run or a place to exercise. Identification registration chips and GPS tracking devices constantly inform you of the whereabouts of your pet, or can quickly track them in an emergency. Particularly in the area of dog tracking, the latest technology offers many reliable solutions. As prevention is better than cure, pet owners should take care of localising and identifying their wards.

Why is animal tracking so important?

It’s not always possible or advisable to leave cats cooped up in the house. It’s better to give house cats some freedom and let them spend time out of doors. In addition, there are of course also outdoor cats which like to terrorise the neighbourhood and which regularly roam around outside. If you don’t wish to use a cat fence – ideally invisible, electric pet fencing for the garden – you should play it safe and find out about cat trackers. The same applies to dogs. All too quickly, a dog may suddenly run off when taken for a walk even if kept on a lead. In serious cases, the dog runs the risk of hurting himself or others, could become traumatised by the strange environment or may run off and never come back. This is precisely why animal tracking and identification are useful. Equipping your four-legged animal with a registration chip or GPS collar makes it easy for the dog owner, or if necessary, the authorities, to track him. Dog tracking also plays an important role with hunting dogs, as a GPS tracker on the dog collar informs the owner about the hunting dog’s whereabouts in the woods or open fields and where he is heading for. Or what if while you’re away on holiday, the pet runs away from the house or the person looking after it loses it? In this case, identification is extremely important and can even save lives in an emergency.

How does dog and cat tracking work?

Pet tracking is a well-proven system. You put a special collar on the animal. This acts as a GPS tracker. The dog collar uses advanced satellite technology to identify the position to within an accuracy of one metre at any time. A receiver is required to detect or display this. The dog owner takes this with him. The actual whereabouts of the dog can be clearly seen on the display. Alternatively, the GPS collar can be combined with a remote trainer. This is an advantage, for example, if the dog strays off too far and needs to be called back, or if the dog’s misbehaviour needs to be corrected. Dog tracking via GPS with a remote trainer module for dog training is useful for dog sports or hunting, and also comes in handy for general walks and training. A locator with GPS would appear to be a suitable device for dogs, however cat trackers also work equally well. In this case, it’s the cat that wears the collar. This is particularly useful for keeping track of outdoor cats.

Identification with registration chips and chip reader

1 x animal chip for pet registration with injector

Particularly in the professional domain (but not exclusively), it’s important to register pets and sometimes also cattle, zoo animals or other working animals. A microchip makes it possible to travel to foreign countries, enables the flawless identification of an animal and also ensures that it can be found anywhere. In addition, for breeders of koi fish, horses or other animals, it’s extremely important to use a registration chip. RFID registration chips offer a suitable solution. Implanted animal chips are reliable, safe, harmless for the pet and an important requirement for enabling a harmonious coexistence in the long term. If you wish to save yourself a trip to the vets, you will be best opting for animal chips with an injector which you can quickly and easily implant yourself. The sterile chips for pet registration are really easy to use and fulfil their purpose for years. The practical kit made up of an injector and a chip makes it possible to register pets at home without great cost or effort, and then later enables the pets to be identified without difficulty. The RFID registration chip is set just under the animal’s skin and over time, stick in place, ensuring an extra firm hold. The pets – not just dogs and cats but also horses, birds and even fish such as koi fish – can be registered with well-known organisations such as

  • Petcard
  • Deutscher Tierschutzbund
  • Petmaxx
  • Tasso e.V.

Pet owners and breeders alike can benefit from the tried-and-trusted system. The registration chips are 100% compatible, have a broad range, thanks to the latest technology, and comply with applicable European directives. Inserting the chip is not perceived as painful and is similar to giving an injection. Often puppies are injected with a microchip the size of a grain of rice. As the animal chip is provided with a multi-digit code for registration purposes and can only be read with a suitable chip reader, you don’t need to worry about radiation or similar.

Animal chips and RFID mini chip reader RT10

A chip reader is required to track the animal chip. It can also be localised and identified by rescue centres, animal shelters and vets, if necessary. Chip readers for implanted animal chips make it easy to track an animal that has run away or to identify an animal that has been found. Premium devices can store over 1,000 numbers and transfer the data to a computer for data processing. The chip reader operates with rechargeable batteries and can also be charged with a USB connector. Scanning, reading and transferring the information can be performed manually in record time. Registration chip readers are really handy and can be taken anywhere. You’ll be amazed by the first-class chip reader’s high level of scanning reliability. Various chip readers are available and, if required, can be supplied in a convenient box for transport purposes.


Safety is essential when dealing with animals. In the private and professional domain, the topic of tracking and identifying animals plays an important role. Dog owners, cat owners, breeders, vets and many more rely on registration chips and chip readers for this. As an alternative to animal chips which are implanted under the skin and are used to register the animal, GPS tracking collars can also be used. GPS dog tracking, in particular, enjoys huge popularity. If your dog or cat is equipped with a GPS tracker on its collar, the dog owner will be able to quickly and easily trace his four-legged friend.

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