Dog Fence Mobile - Your Movable Dog Fence for Garden, Dog Training, Agility, Camping

  • Mobile Dog Fence with Green Netting in a Complete Kit
  • The "Mobile Dog Fence", Ideal for Travelling, Agility, Camping or your own garden
  • Very Easy to Install
  • Contains Everything You Need - in Top Quality
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VOSS.pet mobile dog fence

The flexible plug-in fence for the garden, dog training, agility courses, and camping. With handy protective netting and 11 sturdy posts for quick, easy assembly!

This mobile fence for small animals from VOSS.pet is ideal for enclosing cats, dogs and rabbits, or protecting you from martens, raccoons and other small animals.

This kit contains everything you need – and of course it's all top quality!

The complete kit is supplied with a high quality farmNET+ net. This protective netting with its extra post provides a particularly high level of stability!

It's possible to assemble and dismantle the electric fence very quickly and easily. The plug-in fencing system is very flexible – you can also relocate it afterwards without any problems. All of the net's horizontal polywires (except the ground wire) can be electrified.

With this electric fence kit you can set up secure fencing for your dog very easily and economically. Your dog can enjoy his run in the fresh air, while you don't have to worry about your animal running onto the road.

And you can also protect your property from unwelcome wild animals such as martens, raccoons or stray cats. You can rely on the complete kit to keep your flower beds, fish ponds or fruit trees safe.

The VOSS.pet complete kit is supplied with our VOSS.pet fenci M09 energiser, which has been specifically developed for use with small animals. The energiser has a reduced power output to protect your animals. So although touching the live fence certainly acts as a deterrent, it's completely harmless for people and animals.

The net for small animals can easily be shortened. The posts can be disconnected from the netting and easily moved elsewhere, This allows you to adapt the net to your individual needs. Replacement/extra posts can be found under Item no.: 27231.

3 Year Warranty Made in Germany.png Own certified repair centre


At a glance

Recommended for:

Dog over 20 kg Dog under 20 kg Rabbit Fox Raccoon Marten Heron
  • for fencing dogs and cats
  • for protecting your property from strays dogs and cats and other small animals such as martens, foxes, rabbits
  • also ideal for fencing off garden ponds to protect them from herons, racoons etc.
  • for enclosing gardens, plots of land, flower beds and vegetable patches

Special features:

  • complete kit for a secure fence for small animals – top value for money!
  • the "mobile dog fence" is perfect for when you're on the move, for agility training or camping, or in your own garden
  • very easy to assemble thanks to protective netting
  • netting with extra small mesh width
  • stable even on hilly terrain or uneven ground


  • energiser:
    • power supply: 230V
    • LED controls
    • weatherproof housing
  • netting:
    • height: 65 cm
    • length: 25 m
    • posts: 11
    • spikes: 1
    • colour: green
    • 10 x horizontal polywires (9 of which are conductive)
    • top polywire, reinforced, current is conducted through 6 x 0.20 mm stainless-steel conductors
    • rest of the horizontal polywires conduct current through 3 x 0.20 mm stainless-steel conductors


  • 1 x 230V VOSS.pet fenci M09 electric fence energiser
  • 1 x electric fence netting, green, 25 m long and 65 cm high, green, incl. 11 x posts
  • 1 x fence tester, 8-stage
  • 1 x grounding post, galvanised, 75 cm
  • 1 x fence connection cable, 100 cm
  • 1 x ground connection cable, 150 cm 
  • 1 x net repair kit
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x warning sign
Warranty conditions for energisers

36 months warranty on the energiser. Here you find the comprehensive guarantee conditions for our products.

Warranty conditions for VOSS.farming farmNET

3 years warranty on the UV-resistance/mechanical properties. For further information on the warranty conditions click here.

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02/08/2016 Verified purchase via webshop

easy to set up fence

I ordered this because it doesn't have so many components and hoped it would be fairly easy to install. It took me maybe 30 min. I used some string to stabilise the corners but otherwise it is really ok.
Emma J.
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