Dog Fence 20m x 80cm, VOSS.farming, 12 Posts, 1 Spike, Camping Netting, Green, Non-Electrifiable

  • versatile non-electrifiable netting
  • dark green netting with 12 fibreglass posts
  • each post with is fitted with a footplate and a metal spike
  • very stable, transportable and easy to assemble
  • 14 pegs, 4 guy ropes, 4 insulators
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VOSS.farming® classic 20 m universal fence, camping netting, 80 cm, 12 Posts, green, non-electrifiable

This non-electrifiable netting is particularly suited for fencing small areas and adapts perfectly to the environment due to its dark green colour. Even higher stability thanks to the innovative posts!

This peremeter fence is extremely versatile. In your home garden it can be used to outline the border of your property. Or the flower beds, ponds or young plants can be easily delimeted with this netting. In the garden the dark green net fits well, without disturbing the overall picture by bright colors. The fence is easy to tranport and can be installed quickly. Thanks to its easy installation and mobility the netting can also be used at a camping site or holiday home.

Our unversal fence is made of dark green, UV-resistant polyethylene material. 12 robust and higly flexible fibreglass posts ensure high stability. The posts are firmly connected to the netting to avoid accidental loss. The delivery also includes 4 extra large pegs, 4 black guy ropes and 4 clip-on insulators for tightening the beginning, end or the corners of your fence. But that is not all. You will also receive 10 pegs to secure the bottom line.

Practical tip:
for peas, vetchen and other climbing plants this netting can be used as a climbing aid.

Please note:

This poultry netting is NOT electrifiable!

Non electric

Electrifiable or non-electrifiable? Which netting is right for you?

Generally, non-electrifiable nettings are perfectly adequate. In most cases, animals will respect the boundary. However, some animals will dig under or even bite through the polywire strands. In such instances, only an electrified netting will be a sufficient deterrent. And of course, if you have a problem with predators, then you should only use an electrifiable netting together with a powerful energiser.

At a glance

Areas of application:

  • fencing of garden plants, e.g. vegetable and flower beds
  • mobile use, e.g. at campsites or holiday homes
  • delimitation of individual areas
  • also suitable as a climbing aid for climbing plants

Special features:

  • very versatile: around the house, farm, garden
  • light and mobile
  • innovative, stable fibreglass posts
  • 4 tensioning sets for corners and fence ends


  • 80 cm (2.62 ft) high, 20 m (65.6 ft) long
  • post distance approx. 180 cm (5.9 ft)
  • mesh: 2 cm high, 1 cm wide
  • non-electrifiable
  • 12 interwoven fibreglass posts
  • UV-resistant poly material


  • 1 x VOSS.farming® classic 20 m universal fence, camping netting, 80 cm, 12 Posts, green, non-electrifiable
  • 4 x black clip-on insulators
  • 4 x black guy ropes
  • 4 x extra large, black pegs
  • 10 x black pegs

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17/07/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Great product easy to put up
Denise W.
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24/10/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


This is a great product. I’m not a gardener or handy man but found it simple to use and did what I needed it to do - a fencing solution to help manage a puppy in a garden! I bought 3 and used them as perimeter fencing. Would recommend.
Sinead O.
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