Bucket Nipple Waterer, Poultry Drinker 12 l

  • with nipples for chickens
  • greater hygiene and less effort
  • preventing illness
  • filters in the nipples prevent blockages
  • can be filled with up to 12 l of water
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Drinking bucket with nipples, 12 l

Poultry drinking bucket with nipples for chickens – with drinking nipples for greater hygiene and less effort.

It is exceptionally important that animals such as poultry consume enough liquids – primarily, but not only in summer. Most people choose open animal drinkers or simply set up a container, but this has various disadvantages. A bird might fall in, and it is almost unavoidable that dirt, dust or even faeces will fall into the drinking water. Dirty, murky drinking water is a health risk of its own. You would do better to choose a closed poultry drinker and thus facilitate hygienic poultry farming.

We recommend the drinking bucket with nipples, 12 l, for poultry of all types, primarily chickens. It holds up to 12 l of water and is firmly sealed. The chickens take the water drop by drop via the drinking nipples. A filter on the inside ensures that the nipples won't be blocked due to contaminants in the water. Another benefit: It is no longer necessary to change the water every day, and you will save valuable time. The poultry drinker with three nipples can be hung up in such a way that the chickens can drink out of it with outstretched necks. The hanging height is easy to regulate using the included height adjuster.

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Recommended for:

  • Water dispenser for poultry

Special features:

  • prevents contamination of drinking water, thus preventing illness
  • filters in the nipples prevent blockages
  • makes it unnecessary to change the water daily


  • practical, hygienic drinking bucket with three nipples
  • can be hung up (height can be adjusted)
  • large capacity: 12 litres


  • 1 x poultry drinking bucket
  • 3 x nipples with filters
  • 1 x hanging system with cord
  • 1 x height adjuster
  • 1 x hook

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15/12/2016 Verified purchase via webshop

Awesome drinkers

Looking for something to use while my birds are restricted to their pens due to avian flu. These are perfect, nothing can dirty the water inside, more than one bird can drink at a time, easy to put together and store...height adjustable...what more can I say...buy them!
Deborah K.
3 from 3 customers found this review helpful.

22/06/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


The drinker is made of very high quality materials and easily assembled. Our chickens use it right away happily. A good product, we are very satisfied.
Yuli C.
2 from 2 customers found this review helpful.

25/05/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Excellent product, my second purchase as durable, easy to clean and fill. Chickens find them easy to use.\n\nWebsite good, delivery on time I am a returning customer.
2 from 2 customers found this review helpful.