500m VOSS.farming Anit-Wild Dog / Wolf Emergency Fence Kit for Sheep Farmers

  • wolf emergency kit for sheep
  • powerful 12 V battery-powered energiser
  • kit covers 500 m
  • extremely highly conductivity
  • 2x 110 Ah batteries included
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VOSS.farming wolf emergency kit for sheep owners – enough for 500 m of fencing

Reliable emergency kit for all imaginable fencing situations against a wolf attack. With this wolf kit, you can electrify 500 m of mobile netting, or 500 m of an existing fence.

For some time, more and more wolves have been settling in German forests and other parts of Europe. Therefore it is necessary to protect sheep, goats and other livestock from wolves. With this emergency kit, you will succeed in separating the predator from your livestock, on any terrain and any local situation. By electrifying your existing fence or setting up a new mobile sheep nets, you can easily, effectively and economically deter wolves.

The wolf kit includes: energiser, two batteries, posts, electric fence polywire, insulators, electric fence netting, and much more.

The wolf emergency kit for sheep owners includes everything you need to secure your herd. If you already have a non-electrified fence, it can be electrified with the included insulators and the electric fence polywire. It makes no difference whether your fence is made of wood, metal or plastic: The kit offers solutions for every type of construction. With the materials included here, you can secure a 500 m fence with two rows of polywire.

If there is no existing fence, the kit includes 10 electric fence nettings for 500 m fence. Wolf management is a state concern. There are varying legal regulations and funding options. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Power is supplied to the electric fence by a battery-operated 12 V energiser, which is located in a theft-proof metal box. To ensure the power supply, the kit includes two batteries and a charger.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • wolf emergency kit for all imaginable locations, cases and situations

Special features:

  • 500 m fence
  • highly conductive conductor material for the highest level of security


  • powerful 12 V battery-powered energiser
  • anti-theft box made of metal
  • high-quality connection kit and three grounding posts
  • Z-profile post "ZPost" with loops for attaching the insulators, very stable positioning
  • 70 cm plastic posts
  • insulators for any type of post (short and long insulators, corner insulators, metric thread, etc.)
  • fastening material and connectors are included in the kit
  • fence tester for monitoring devices and fences.


Energy kit:

  • 1 x VOSS.farming "SIRUS 8" 12 V energiser
  • 1 x VOSS.faming metal box for 12 V battery units incl. anti-theft post
  • 2 x 12 V / 110 Ah VARTE AGM special rechargeable battery for energisers
  • 3 x VOSS.farming special grounding post with round profile for mobile use, 75 cm
  • 3 x 3 m lead out and grounding post connectors
  • 1 x 3 m fence supply and connection cable
  • 5 x "WARNING: ELECTRIC FENCE" warning sign
  • 1 x  fence tester "Digital"

500 m mobile nets

  • 10 x 50 m VOSS.farming Euronet combination netting, 90 cm, 2 spikes
  • 30 x VOSS.farming pegs
  • 20 x VOSS.farming anchoring kit for electric fence nettings (incl. pegs)

Kit for existing permanent fences (500 m – 1 or 2 rows)

  • 120 x VOSS. farming ECONOM electric fence post, 70 cm, white
  • 20 x VOSS.farming "SUPER" corner insulator, 8 mm strut, extra sturdy
  • 10 x VOSS.farming Z-profile metal posts, 100 cm
  • 20 x "SUPER M6" corner insulators – with metric thread
  • 50 x long shaft ring insulators, 220 mm
  • 1,000 m electric fence polywire (1 x 0.25 copper + 8 x 0.2 stainless steel, white / red 4****)
  • 3 x VOSS.farming connecting cable with 2 x heart clips, 60 cm
  • 5 x electric fence connectors for polywire, 3 mm stainless high-grade steel
  • 1 x "Max TURN 2000" electric fence reel on frame
Warranty conditions for energisers

36 months warranty on the energiser. Here you find the comprehensive guarantee conditions for our products.

Warranty conditions for conductors

5 years warranty on the UV-resistance/mechanical properties. For further information on the warranty conditions click here.

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