4x 1.5V Battery, Pack C, "Varta Industrial"

  • ideal for use with our range of game cameras
  • professional batteries
  • powerful and reliable
  • type: Baby C type
  • voltage: 1.5 volt each
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4 x "Varta Industrial" 1.5 V batteries, C pack

These professional batteries are ideal for use with our range of game cameras.

Buy these high-quality "Varta" alkaline batteries along with your other purchases. These powerful professional batteries are ideal for many of our Moultrie cameras and Victor rattraps.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  • Victor rattrap (item no.: 45370)
  • all standard Moultrie game cameras
    • Moultrie "A-5" (item no.: 530200)
    • Moultrie "D-444" (item no.: 530210)
    • Moultrie "M-880i" (item no.: 530221)
    • Moultrie "Panoramic 150" (item no.: 530230)

Special features:

  • high-quality branded batteries
  • powerful and reliable


  • Type: Baby C type (26.2 x 50 mm)
  • voltage: 1.5 volt each


  • 4 x "Varta Industrial" 1.5 V batteries, C pack
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Batteries also contain important raw materials, such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel, which can be recycled. When you have finished using your batteries you can either return them to us or hand them in free of charge in your local area (e.g. in a shop or at a communal collection point).

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Pb = battery contains lead
Hg = battery contains mercury
Li = battery contains lithium
Ni = battery contains nickel
Zi = battery contains zinc
Mh = battery contains metal hydride

You will also find this information in the literature accompanying your delivery and the manufacturer's instructions. Contains harmful substances. Do not dispose of with household refuse!

Information for battery disposal

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