20x VOSS.farming "Style" Electric Fence Posts, 156 cm, Double Step-in Base, Pink

  • reinforced, torsion-free profile
  • high mechanical resilience
  • double-sided footplate and wide step tread
  • ecure insertion and firm positioning
  • made of UV-stabilised plastic
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20 x VOSS.farming "Style" electric fence posts, 156 cm, double-sided footplate, pink

Our VOSS.farming "style" series will bring colour to your electric fence.

The fully insulated VOSS.farming electric fence post from our "Style" series, in pink, provides a colourful, cheerful alternative to conventional electric fence posts. The attractive colour of the posts will ensure you get envious looks from your neighbours and visitors.

The plastic posts can be set up quickly and easily. Advantages include the low weight, the high-quality plastic, the well-designed structure and the high mechanical resilience. The length of the posts has been chosen so that even large animals can kept safely. The post lugs have been designed in such a way that the conductor material can be inserted quickly, but doesn't spring out again of its own accord. The number and arrangement of lugs for fencing tape, polywire and rope ensure that a safe electric fence can be constructed for virtually all kinds of animals.

156 cm long, the VOSS.farming "Style" plastic post has an extremely wide range of uses: It can be used for keeping horses, ponies, bulls, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry and all other animals of a similar size. Wild animals are also prevented from breaking into the electric fence system.

Practical tips

Bring spring to your pasture even on cold and rainy days. In our collection you'll find additional products from the "Style" series, for example matching pasture gate handles.

At a glance

Recommended for:

Horse Pony Galloway Cattle Sheep Lamb Goat Pig Poultry Deer Wild boar
  • horses, ponies, galloway, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, poultry
  • roe deer / wild boar
  • defence against wild animals

Special features:

  • reinforced, torsion-free profile
  • glass fibre-reinforced, high mechanical resilience
  • special edition in trendy pink


  • colour: pink
  • total length: 156 cm
  • above-ground length: 135 cm
  • with 11 lugs for polywire, 4 lugs for rope up to Ø 6 mm, 7 lugs for tape up to 20 mm, 4 lugs for tape up to 40 mm
  • with double-sided footplate and wide step tread with anti-rotation protection
  • secure insertion and firm positioning guaranteed
  • made of UV-stabilised plastic, polypropylene (PP, copolymer)
  • an absolute eye-catcher in the field!
  • top-quality German manufacture


  • 20 x VOSS.farming "Style" electric fence posts, 156 cm, pink

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15/05/2020 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Will be used for horse fencing. Quality seems good, with good thick metal spikes that should not bend easily in hard ground.
Harriet B.
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25/10/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi


Great fence posts. Nice and strong. They have weathered well. Keeps my horse where he needs to be.
Nicola C.
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25/09/2021 Verified purchase via Ekomi


I use the product for electric fencing for my horses and love the height and sturdyness
Tracey S.
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