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20x VOSS.farming "farm 125" Electric Fence Post 125 cm, 9 Lugs, White

Item No: 44458
£ 31.99
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In stock
Delivery: 2-3 work days
incl. VAT, excl. Shipping costs / Weight per item: 8.00 kg

20 x VOSS.farming "farm125" electric fence post – improved model, made from heavy-duty plastic

Optimised plastic post with stable double-sided footplate, steel spike and anti-rotation protection that stands securely on your pasture.

An electric fence post has important tasks to perform in the pasture: It serves to fence in animals, has to keep the cabling material in place, must be usable anywhere, and should fulfil these tasks with exceptional stability for a long time. All of the above apply to the "farm125" electric fence post series from VOSS.farming. The plastic fence posts with a total height of 125 cm and usable height of 104 cm above ground are suitable for mobile small animal pastures, subdivided pastures, and as intermediate posts for a permanent fence system. Whether it's for cattle, donkeys, mini-ponies, sheep, goats, poultry or for fending off wild boar – the electric fence posts are the no. 1 choice for a wide variety of animals.

You can now obtain our "farm125" plastic posts in improved quality – even more stable and long-lasting. The electric fence post owes its improved load-bearing capacity to its innovative material composition. Stable polypropylene with fibreglass reinforcement and plenty of struts ensure that the posts can no longer be warped or twisted so easily. The high mechanical load-bearing capacity of the posts guarantees their long-term durability. The plastic post is UV-resistant. Equipped with a practical double-sided footplate and a 20 cm galvanised steel spike, the electric fence post can be set up in no time. Of its nine lugs, three are designed for electric fence tapes and six for ropes.

Practical tips

The distance between posts depends on the character of the terrain and the cabling material used. For polywire and rope we recommend a distance of approx. 5–6 m, for tape approx. 3–4 m.

At a glance

Recommended for:

Galloway Cattle Sheep Lamb Goat Pig Poultry Deer Wild boar
  • galloway, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, poultry
  • roe deer / wild boar

Special features:

  • the latest version of our tried-and-tested electric fence post – over 3 million sold – now even more robust
  • top-quality workmanship, European manufacture
  • excellent value for money


  • colour: white
  • total length: 125 cm
  • above-ground length: 105 cm
  • fully insulated electric fence post, high voltage resistant
  • reinforced, torsion-free profile
  • perfect height, sufficient for many fences
  • very high stability thanks to struts and glass-fibre reinforcement
  • high mechanical load resistance
  • with practical double-sided footplate for safe mounting of post
  • high stability, long, injected galvanised steel spike Ø 8 mm
  • plastic made of polypropylene (copolymer) – odourless, skin-friendly, UV-stable


  • 20 x VOSS.farming plastic posts, white, 125 cm, 3 tape and 6 rope lugs

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11/06/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Very strong and clearly seen and the ponies seem to respect them. Plenty of hooks for the tape and very good value for money.“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.

16/06/2017 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Great to section off small parts of the field. Perfect for horses with excema“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.

24/06/2019 Verified purchase via Ekomi

„Very sturdy, easy to use.“

0 from 0 customers found this review helpful.
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